Lift-off: crowdfunding plan to raise £150k for Scots aero and space centre

They’re literally aiming for the stars: a community group is planning to create an innovative aviation, astronomy and space flight family visitor centre in the heart of Scotland.

Aero Space Kinross have launched their first community share offer, with a target of £150,000, with a social media campaign backed by Carol Vorderman.

They cite economic, educational, and tourism benefits for the community and its surrounding area by creating the new centre, run under the aegis of Aero Space Scientific Education Trust, a not-for-profit charity.

The idea is the brainchild of Alisdair Stewart, chair of Aero Space Kinross. He said: “It is a tremendous opportunity for the residents of Kinross-shire and beyond, that will bring huge economic, educational and tourism benefits to the area, as well as providing locals, Scots and visitors alike with an unique flight-themed science and space centre.

“A key element of our first launch is our ‘build-a-plane’ project where Kinross school kids will have a chance to help build a real plane from a kit which will make a clear link between the project to science/technology/engineering/maths (STEM) education from the outset.

“We also see this project as an inspiration for future generations with ‘flight’, STEM and leisure-related careers that will act as a feeder for both the aerospace industry and educational/training establishments in the Perth and Kinross-shire area. It will also be a knowledge hub, an exciting visitor attraction and an event venue to be enjoyed by the local community and all visitors.”

The share offer, with Runway and Flying Class shares available with a minimum investment per person of £100 for people living in Kinross-shire, or £200 for those living outside the area, is being developed with support and guidance from Community Shares Scotland.

Sandra Macaskill, programme officer for Community Shares Scotland, said: “We are delighted to be involved in this exciting and innovative space flight and aviation project in Kinross. It will be an incredible opportunity for local communities to have a family-orientated and fun education-based learning centre in the heart of Kinross.

“It is a project with far-reaching benefits – inspiring many young people about space and flight technologies, creating new jobs, putting Kinross on the map and bringing an increased tourism traffic in due course to the wider area.”

The Community Share Offer will run for seven weeks, closing on June 30, or when the maximum target is reached.

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