About us

Well hello! And welcome to Positively Scottish, a not-for-profit online magazine dedicated to telling positive stories about ordinary Scots, at home and abroad, and how they’re tackling the many issues of a fast-changing world.

If you’d like to have a daily dose of positivity, all you need to do is sign up here – it’s free and we’ll keep you in touch with all our articles, to read and comment.

We’re planning to post at least one new story a day (Monday-Saturday) covering a diverse range of topics. There’ll be a mix of long reads, features about the environment, grassroots arts and sport, and simple profiles of New Scots and Socially Enterprising companies.

What they’ll all have in common is a focus on people and a solution…not just the problem that lies behind it. We hope you’ll find these stories uplifting and may encourage you into action.

There’ll be no compromise in the quality of our journalism, but we aim to make it as useful as possible.

We guarantee from the outset that Positively Scottish will be strictly apolitical, always free to access, and with no advertising slots to annoy you!

We’ve  set up a Community Interest Company (CIC) to operate the site, which means any external funding we attract will be re-invested in our journalism.

Already, we’ve assembled a team of  around 15 freelance journalists to write for Positively Scottish – and they’ll be paid a market rate. Many have just finished training at university journalism courses across the country. More than half are female, and eight different nationalities are represented.

Our directors provide decades of experience in journalism, education, web development, digital marketing, and the charity sector.

We don’t have an office building because we believe stories are best found in the communities across Scotland, so our writers will be out looking for them.

We’ve also got our very own foreign correspondents! Iain Lundy, a highly respected Scottish journalist who now lives in Arizona, will supply a regular column on the Scots who’ve exported our values to the US.

And Caroline Bellinger, who declares herself an honorary Scot, is seeking out candidates for our series on Positively Scottish Humans of Oz.

We’d welcome any suggestions for articles, or feedback in general: you can email us at ps@positivelyscottish.scot or sign up to post comments on stories.

We plan to moderate comments in a very light-touch way: we think our readers will generally know how to behave online, and comment in a positive, constructive way. Normal guidance is to treat fellow users with respect and, if you disagree, please do so politely.

Thanks for reading this far, and we hope you’ll enjoy your daily dose of positivity!