Our funding

It’s the difficult question facing all media organisations in the 21st century – how do you fund quality journalism when there’s so much free content available online?

We believe one answer is to provide an alternative, niche platform which combines the USP of Scotland with what’s been labelled solutions or constructive journalism – focussing on people and their solutions, not just the problems that lie behind them, which tends to be the norm in the mainstream media.

First off, we have to prove there’s an audience for those kind of stories, and a personal legacy made available to our Community Interest Company will fund the initial phase, guaranteeing readers at least one new story, six days a week.

Thereafter, if we can demonstrate that a readership exists, we’ll look at a variety of options to bring in funding, increase our investment in journalism and, ultimately, make Positively Scottish self-sustaining.

We’re still working on the details, but possible funding routes include:

  • Philanthropic aid
  • Support from individual “Friends” (while always maintaining the principle of free access for those who can’t afford to pay)
  • Editorial partnerships with carefully selected organisations who share our values (if we ever thought there was a risk of our editorial independence being undermined, any relevant content would be clearly marked)

We’ll keep you posted about developments; if you’ve got any good ideas, feel free to tell us at ps@positivelyscottish.scot

But that’s all for another day…for now, our job is to find and tell Positively Scottish stories!