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Here are comments from groups and individuals that support the launch of Positively Scottish.

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Professor June Andrews, director, Dementia Services Development Centre

“I have stopped using traditional news outlets or watching news because it causes needless stress, and there is research to support my experience of this.

“I find it almost impossible to get anyone to carry items when it’s about good, steady progress and fine work that is succeeding.  That’s why you get so much false reporting on ‘miracle breakthrough’ stories in dementia.  They are misleading and upsetting for patients and families because they always turn out to be untrue.

“Bad news, however trivial, usually can make the front page.  I badly need an outlet for ordinary good news.  I think we all do.”

Derek Robertson, CEO, Keep Scotland Beautiful

“We welcome the opportunity to present positive stories from young people, communities, private and public bodies to a wider audience. There is so much happening to make Scotland cleaner, greener and more sustainable and we can’t wait to share this and show the positivity in Scotland to address environmental issues.”

Charles McGhee, former editor of The Herald and Evening Times

“Scotland will soon have the most powerful devolved government in the world, yet its indigenous media, particularly in print, has never been weaker. The new Scotland needs new voices.

“Positively Scottish promises a solutions-driven approach to the big issues of the day. With its positive perspective, it’s a new voice that deserves to be heard.”

Caroline Donaldson, director, Kynesis Coaching

“I am so delighted that there is now an alternative media platform sharing stories of real life that focus on positive outcomes and solutions – really uplifting and such a contrast to obsessing with conflict and disaster.

“Life is a rich mix of experiences and learning about some of the achievements in our local communities and how we can get involved if we want to is extremely worthwhile. Scotland is full of good news stories – we often don’t know about them!”

Laurie Russell, chief executive, The Wise Group

“I am excited about the idea of the Positively Scottish project.  There is a huge reservoir of untold positive stories about Scotland and its people that don’t get an airing in the current media.

“We get involved in approaches to changing lives and improving communities that are innovative and have a positive impact. I look forward to having a platform to share these with others through Positively Scottish.”

Sallyanne Duncan, journalism academic and researcher

“Positively Scottish is a superb example of innovative journalism. The media’s future lies in creative start-ups like this that will offer alternative employment platforms for enterprising Scottish journalism graduates at this time of change in the news industry.”

Alan Brown, Executive Director, Mary’s Meals UK

“Positively Scottish presents a welcome addition to the media landscape in Scotland. The idea of a solutions-focused site that will both celebrate action and motivate like-minded individuals to collaborate positively has the potential to improve our society and, in turn, our society’s contribution to the wider world.”

Micheal and Pheona Matovu, founders, Radiant and Brighter

“Thanks for the wonderful article. It came out real beautifully and a very honest account of Radiant and Brighter. It is probably the most accurate writing of the nature of what we do. Please relay our appreciation to your team at Positively Scottish. You are providing a much needed service and we hope your work continues to grow positively.”