At Fehring Middle School: 3D Printing and Microscopy in the Classroom

Regina Halbedel is the new director of Fehring Middle School since September of last year. She moved into the office of Johann Wendler, who was retiring. Now new directors are drawing attention to the benefits of attending middle school.

Fehring. Middle School in Fehring With about 300 students and about 40 teachers, it is one of the largest in the Southeast Styria district. after a long period director johan wendler had retired, assumed charge Regina Halbedel is in charge middle School. Now, for the first time, she faces the challenge of getting potential new students excited about “her” educational center and school's focus.

“Fehring Middle School is characterized by its clear mission statement: the focus is on children and the focus is on education,” explains Halbedl. This pedagogical approach shapes and underpins all aspects of the school new forms of teaching As well as targeted educational and career orientation.

Focus on digitalization

Fehring Middle School attaches great importance to fostering individual talents and offer special MINT classes that give students deep insight into mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, and technology. This not only fosters enthusiasm for these specialist areas, but also promotes the development of important key competencies.

At Fehring Middle School a strong emphasis is placed on digitalization.  ,  Photo: MS Fehring

“A central aspect of the Fehringer School is digitalization, which is integrated into the lessons to better prepare students for the requirements of the modern world,” Halbedel emphasizes. The focus is not only on teaching digital skills, but also… Application of innovative technologies like 3D printing,

Students also have a chance… alternative field Such as science and technology, health and sports, arts and personal development as well as languages ​​to pursue your personal interests. Hellbedal: It enables targeted focus and overall personal development.

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AHS and Standards Group

In addition to regular offerings, Fehring Middle School is proud of a variety of additional offerings. “Junior Master of Science”The Microscopy Qualification PassICDL (International Computer Driving License) and much more not only expands students' knowledge but also provides practical insight into various specialist areas.

From sixth grade onwards, lessons are taught in all three core subjects: mathematics, German and English. AHS and Standards Group Shared, “which enables individual challenges and support in small groups,” says the director. This creates an optimal learning environment “in which the needs of each student are specifically taken into account.”

It is possible to learn comfortably in the library.  ,  Photo: MS Fehring

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