10 Culinary Christmas Gifts 2021 – [ESSEN UND TRINKEN]

10 Culinary Christmas Gifts 2021 - [ESSEN UND TRINKEN]

Christmas preparations are in full swing and with that comes thoughts of what to put under the Christmas tree for your loved ones this year. We have ten great culinary gift ideas that will delight the palate.

1. Ankerkraut . From The Oriental Cookbook With 12 Spice Jars

Anchorkraut and Spices from Chef Ali Gungormus

Ankerkraut and Chef Ali Güngörmüş. from five spices

© Ankerkraut GmbH

Ankerkraut is known for its unusual spices and spice blends that are made without artificial flavor enhancers. Together with Ali Gungormus they have published a new cookbook with which amateur cooks can make their way into the world of 1001 Nights.

Ali Gungormus, the founder of the Hamburg restaurant “Le Canard Nouveau”, was the first and to date the only Turkish chef to be awarded a Michelin star. His second restaurant is “Pejou” in Munich since 2014. He is best known from TV shows such as “Topfgeldjger” or as a team member of the cooking program “Die Kuchenschlucht”.

In the new cookbook, Ali Gungormus seduces the reader in her aromatic home kitchen—with recipes for mezes and stews, as well as meat and fish recipes, she gives tips and exciting facts. In addition to the five spices “kabap”, “levante”, “pejou”, “vadouvan” and “Ottoman magic”, the new cookbook with 49 exotic recipes provides a delicious insight into the diversity of oriental cuisine.

The cookbook is available for 69.90 Euros in a set with 12 cork glasses (including Five Spices by Ali Gungormus) and can be found here www.ankerkraut.de can be achieved.

2. Talisker 10 Luxury Giftpack

Talisker 10 Gift Set

Gift set with Talisker 10 Years of Single Malt, Talisker Mug, Talisker Story and Personalized Gift Card

© Talisker

Directly under a pine tree from the oldest distillery on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Talisker Single Malt Whiskey is aged for 10 years in American oak barrels, in which it can develop its spicy character. Scotch convinces with its complex tartness: paper notes and a smoky sweet aroma are perfectly balanced – and after the first sip you can dream of the coast of Scotland. It is also suitable for beginners in the hazy world of whiskey. A bottle contains 45.8 percent alcohol by volume. The gift box includes a 0.7 liter bottle of Talisker 10 Years Single Malt, a Talisker Enamel Mug, a Talisker Story and a personalized gift card. It costs 44.99 euros and can be found below www.talisker.de can be achieved.

3. Delidia Christmas Gift Set

Gift Package with Olive Oil, Black Pepper, Balsamic Vinegar and Fleur de Cellu from Delidia

Gift Package with Olive Oil, Tellicherry Pepper, Balsamico Blanco and Fleur de Sel from Delidia

© delidia.de

Delidia’s gift box contains excellent products and makes all gourmet hearts beat faster. Black Tellicherry pepper from India (in packs of 50 g) is harvested only shortly before ripening and thus has the opportunity to develop its aroma and pungency in the sun till the end. Fleur de Sel from France comes in a 500 g pack. Hand-scooped by Francis in his salt marshes, more precisely from Guerande in Brittany. Balsamico Blanco from Andalusia (in a 500ml bottle) goes through its six years of storage in wooden barrels made of oak, chestnut, bird cherry, ash and finally mulberry. You can see it in the vinegar on the tip of your nose. A 500ml bottle of organic olive oil completes the set. The oil, obtained from olives on the first day of harvest, is intense and may hardly be fresh. Almost all products are certified organic. The Delidia gift box costs 35 euros and can be found here www.delidia.de is to be purchased.

4. Original Beans Chocolate Set

Original Bean: The Art of Milk Chocolate

Original Bean: The Art of Milk Chocolate

© Original Beans

Do you want to wish your loved ones the joy of Christmas with chocolates? Then take a look at Basic Beans. The company cares about the well being of the earth and produces climate-positive chocolate. Following the corporate philosophy of “reproducing what we consume”, the company has a tree planted in the region of origin for each fair-produced chocolate bar. Choose a gift set from “The Art of Milk Chocolate” and “Four the Love of Chocolate” from “Winter Chocolate Magic.” Chocolate gift set 9.95 euro . can be purchased from www.originalbeans.de be ordered.

5. Schorlefranz. From “Mulded Wine with Shot Box”

Schorlefranz.  mulled wine with shot box

Schorlefranz. From “Mulded Wine with Shot Box”

© Schorlefranzue

It might be a little Christmas at Christmas time. And if you can’t get enough of mulled wine, this gift is the best option. The name “Mulded Wine with Shot Box” says it all: In addition to two types of mulled wine from Schorlefranz, the gift box holds two 0.5 liter gin bottles.

Glühfranz white assures with aromas of orange, cinnamon and cardamom and contains 9.5% vol, while Glühfranz red trumps with dark winter berries and has 11.3% vol. Both can be paired excellently with Bembel Gin, which, in addition to the classic botanicals, has nice notes of apple – what else, because it comes from Hesse. All the products contained are also vegetarian. The gift set costs 32 euros and can be found here www.schorlefranz.com is to be purchased.

6. Hennessy’s Finest Pepper Set

Compote Pepper Gift Set Haynes' Finest

Hennes Finest. Se Compote Pepper Gift Set

© Her ‘Best’

Connoisseurs have long known that black pepper is not just black pepper. Cologne-based company Haines’ Finest has focused on compote paper from Cambodia. The great pepper is known for its great aroma. In addition to the high quality of black pepper, Haynes’s best is grown organically and fair and transparent business relationships are an important part of the company’s philosophy. The entire manufacturing process is done by hand in both Cambodia and Germany. With the Kampott Pfeffer gift box you get four different types of black pepper, 40 grams each: black, white, red and dark red. The special characteristics of all varieties are described. That way, recipients can try their hand at whatever they want. The gift box costs 29.95 euros and can be found here www.hennesfinest.com be ordered.

7. Baroque by Don Papa

don papa baroco

don papa baroco

© Don Papa

Are you looking for a good rum to give as a gift? From Don Papa’s Baroco you get a rum that melts in your mouth. As always with Don Papa, the design is a feast for the eyes and can be had at the House Bar for a show. But taste is more important than looks. Baroco is a sweet rum with pronounced vanilla notes, candied fruit flavor and a little honey. It is aged in American oak barrels for several years and has a deep amber color. Don Papa comes from the Philippines and is produced and ended up on the island of Negros. It is best to enjoy rum straight or over ice. You can also use it to mix cocktails. The 0.7 liter bottle costs 34.90 euros and contains 40 percent alcohol by volume. For more information see www.donpaparum.com,

8. Gift Set from Soling Oil Mill

lmühle Sölling gift set

Gift Ideas from Solling Oil Mill

© lmühle Sölling

The Weser Uplands organic factory in Lower Saxony has been producing excellent oils for over 25 years. With ingredients cultivated regionally as well as around the world, the oils are cooled on site and bottled in small batches. In addition to the classics such as peanut oil, argan oil and olive oil, there are unusual varieties such as pomegranate seed oil, macadamia nut oil and poppy seed oil. There are also a variety of aromatic oils, such as game, ginger-lemongrass, Christmas season or basil spice oil. Of course there is also a selection of fine vinegar creations. On the Webshop’s website, you can use a set configurator to combine three bottles to make a gift set and thus choose your favorite. Alternatively, you can also choose from a pre-compiled set called “Christmas Time”, “Winter Favorites” or “French Cuisine”. A set costs from 13.50 euros and can be found below www.oelmuehle-solling.de be ordered.

9. DIY Gingerbread Kit from Just Spices

Just Spices Lebkuchen-Kito

Just Spices DIY Lebkuchen-Kit

© Simply Spices

The motto of Just Spices’ gingerbread kit is “Kurkure, Kurkure Knuckles”. This DIY set is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to bake—or others who love to bake. The kit contains almost everything that is needed for the preparation of sweet gingerbread houses and for baking cookies: seasonings “Lebkuchen Spice”, “Cookie Spice”, “Cherry Kiss”, Vanilleciferal Sugar “and” Speculatius Spice” Mixes, all in basic shapes. Seven cookie cutters for making a gingerbread house, a recipe book with precise instructions and tips, six cookie cutters for baking cookies, and a reusable piping nozzle. The gingerbread kit can be found below www.justspices.de Can be ordered and costs 49.99 euros.

10. Acre Nectar Honey Gift Set

Acres Nectar Gift Set

One Acre Nectar Gift with Honey, Chickpeas, Mead and Soap

© Hektar Nektar

Start-up Hectare Nectar has been around since 2017 and is dedicated to protecting bees. You launched Project 2028, the largest digital bee conservation initiative in Germany and Austria. Goal: To increase the bee population by 10% within ten years with the cooperation of businesses, private individuals and beekeepers. Hectare’s nectar gift box contains 250 g of regional blossom honey, a honey spoon, 200 ml of mead wine with 13% alcohol content and a honeycomb soap made from pure vegetable oils, refined with organic honey and beeswax. The set costs 29.90 Euros and can be found under www.hektarnektar.com can be achieved. The proceeds will benefit the 2028 project.

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