1,500 events to engage the TikTok generation as well. Program

 1,500 events to engage the TikTok generation as well.  Program

Everything is ready for the XXXIV edition of the Turin Book Fair, with an event that has hosted over 1500 events under the guidance of director Nicola Lagioya. Yes, Turin is on fire and so, after Eurovision, attention turns to the world of books with Carmes, staged in Lingotto, with 110 thousand square meters of exhibition space on the stage from Thursday to Monday 23 May. ,

Dedicated to “Wild Hearts,” it will be the first show that seeks to beat the pandemic with several shows in attendance, including international guests – Joel Dicker, Joe Lansdale and Pulitzer Prize winner, Jennifer Egan – and various initiatives. Aiming to open new audiences like House of Peace to create dialogue around books, a space for Amazon self-publishing and to focus on the world of Booktok, to understand what and how the TikTok generation does she read? (May 21, at 3.45 pm).

It begins this morning with a lecture by author Amitav Ghosh on the topics of environmental sustainability, followed by the inaugural concert Selvatico Sacro, a three-part improvisation, concert – H20, live from the auditorium Rai Arturo Toscanini in Turin – an event Conceived and proposed by Rai Radio 3, combining verses by poet Mariangela Gualtieri with music by trumpet Paolo Fressu and pianist Uri Kane.

Out of over 1500 events, what do we recommend not to miss?

As always, watch out for international guests: Jennifer Egan (May 22, at 1.30 pm) with La Casa di Marzipan (Mondadori); Joe R. Lansdale (May 22, at 2.45 pm) and his Moon Lake (Enaudi style libero); astonishing American author, naturalized Canadian Ruth Ozecki (May 20, 6 p.m.) for The Book of Form and Void (Edizzione e/o); Scottish journalist Cal Flynn (May 22, 2 pm) With the Abandonment of the Islands (Blue Atlantide), author of South American author Benjamin Labatt (May 20, 4.45 pm) When We Stopped Understanding the World (Adelphi) and Economics Nobel Prize for Joseph E. Stiglitz (May 21, at 6:15 pm). And then, the first coffee of the day (Garzanti) for Japanese author Toshikazu Kawaguchi (May 22, 4 p.m.) and from Oman, here’s the much-awaited Man Booker International winner, Jokha Alarthi (May 22, 3.15). pm) with Corpi Celesti (Bompiani).

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And again, several sold-out “risky” events, including meeting with Roberto Saviano to remember Giovanni Falcone (May 21 at 4.45 pm) and, of course, Posey with Nicola Crosetti and Giovanotti (May 19). Da Spiaggia (Crosetti) stand. out. 6.30 pm), Swedish crime duo Camilla Lackberg and Henrik Feksius (May 21, at 2.30 pm) for Il codis dell’Illusionista (Marcilio) and finally, Joel Dicker (May 21, at 1.15 pm) will present a preview of their . new book, The Alaska Sanders Case (The Ship of Theseus); Also, in streaming, bestselling author Don Winslow (May 20, at 7.15 pm) will be there and on Sunday afternoon, Annie Arnoux will personally collect the Mondello International Award (May 21, at 3.45 pm).

Will comics and podcasts dominate? Salon confirms open space – Salato Live – an event stage that will feature various events with podcasts Amazon and Storylibre. Those who tell the news. But between publication and short stories, there is also great anticipation for the presentation of Lazio publishing house Tetra, with Andrea Donera, Ilaria Gaspari, Andrea Venturini and Paolo Zardi scheduled for May 21 (5pm).


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