187 m below sea level a roundabout

187 m below sea level a roundabout

The new Eysturoy in the remote Oer Islands, has already earned the reputation of being the most beautiful tunnel in the world: 11 km, surrounded by the Atlantic. Only 16 minutes to cover a journey of over an hour

Far Oer is definitely not a famous place, much less frequently. The eighteen rocky islands of volcanic origin that make up an autonomous government archipelago – which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark – lie between Iceland and Scotland north of the Norwegian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. An incredible place, with the 107th national football team in the FIFA rankings, a fishing-based economy and some peculiarities: between these many bridges and two submarine tunnels that allow 80% of the population (of a total of 50,000 people). Little more than Campobaso) The ghat should not be resorted to between one island and another. recently megatunnel Which will connect the two points of Eóuroy Island to the capital Torshvon. It is 11.24 kilometers long (about four times the Strait of Mesina), has a three-lane road and will also have a roundabout 187 meters below sea level for the first time in the world.

At least 187 meters

Built in approximately two years of work at a cost of approximately 190 million euros, the tunnel has the deepest point 187 meters above sea level, with gradients limited to a maximum of 5%. To make the crossing even more spectacular, the construction company assigned the rotunda decoration to a local artist, Trandur Patterson: a massive 80-meter structure with a combination of sculptures and blue lights. More fear of being in the depths of the Atlantic. Excavation began in 2017 and with Nordic efficiency, the Istro Trial was inaugurated several months before the original project.

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The third submarine tunnel – and also the longest – allows you to travel only 16 minutes requiring more than an hour at first. And the construction of another tunnel, of approximately the same length, is already well underway between Tórshavn and the southern island of Sandoy, which will be completed in 2023. Estimated travel time is approximately 6,000 users per day. On three lanes, with a cost of 75 crowns for one passage. They are around 11 Euros, however, with annual subscriptions reduced for residents and season ticket holders. Obviously, if you go to Far Oer, it is mandatory to follow.


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