198 countries were scrutinized by the editorial staff of “The World”

198 countries were scrutinized by the editorial staff of

LThe 2021 version “World review”On sale in the newsstand, through the highlights of World News presents an analysis of international, economic, social and environmental conditions, written by journalists and reporters in the year 2020. world, Through three main chapters – International, France and Planete.

In his editorial, the editor-in-chief of this annual publication, Goudz Minassian can only note “Never in a lifetime has humanity experienced a health crisis as unpredictable, permanent and profound that has shaken the world for over a year (…). Coronovirus has turned our daily lives upside down and is changing our way of thinking (…). Its cracks question our lifestyles and question our time..

Before calling «Rebuild again» : “Space for reflection and efforts to strengthen the world on new norms”, In a changing world, he urges. “And if a new bipolarity, this time Sino-American, imposed itself on the world thirty years after the end of the cold”, He asks himself. And what is the place for the European Union? …

“Westerners would be well advised to return to the foundations of a welfare state and, by the direction of Kovid-19, to provide efforts in the field of public health (…). Epidemics give us work ethics, company organization and Forces to rethink the basis of the contract of trust between the state and civil society ”… Whereas, despite the epidemic, the Dow Jones increased 7.25% in the year following the March crash due to Kovid. The Nasdaq jumped 43.64% at the same time, or in Germany, to a new historic high after the Brex-Brexit agreement. ! In short, “The epidemic has not destroyed economic, cultural and social globalization. “

Referring to the “new challenges” that await us, this year will end by 2020, Goud Minassian said: “Who will win an ecological emergency or an economic emergency? Are we, moreover, prisoners of this choice? Moving from the status of citizen-consumers to the status of citizen-builders requires significant resources … an entire construction”.

“Le bilan do Monde”, in its “Atlas” part – which may be of interest to philosophers – is a 110-page review of 193 member states of the United Nations – to which Taiwan, the Vatican, Palestine, has been added. Kosovo and Hong Kong – From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Andorra, St. Lucia, Suriname, Sao Tome and Principe, via South Sudan, Qatar or Kiribati, are listed alphabetically.

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These countries are treated as files, which provide some essential data such as politics, economy, events related to the environment of the previous year, and region, name of head of state, population and … currency. Is converted into euros at the rate of.

A “reminder” that will be of service to collectors (and crossword lovers!) Who can’t remember that the drama is used in Armenia, Hryvnia in Ukraine, colonists in Costa Rica, Auguia in Mauritius, Kvacha in Malawi, Lilangani Iswatini (Swaziland as of 2018), Taka in Bangladesh or Kina in Papua New Guinea …

Four out of twelve stamps in the booklet were engaged to thank and honor the heroes everyday during the health crisis.  General sale on September 14, 2020.  Created by: Miles Hyman.  Circulation: 2.5 million copies.

The chronological list, on many pages, small and big events made the 2020 news in France, in the world. Environment and climate events are the subject of a particular chronology. Usually with one thing: Kovid-19 which we treat in each of these chronologies!

For example, for France, on January 22, 2020, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s last Haute Couture show would be in Paris, after a career of fifty years.

The 30th is the declaration of the first case of contamination on French soil. In late February, the first French patient, aged 60, died in a beating-salpétrière hospital, while the first imprisonment was placed on 17 March.

A small remembrance for Philatelists, who will remember many stamps published with effigies of Asterix, Albert Udero died on March 24, 2020, at the age of 92.

Jean Castex succeeds Edouard Philippe as Prime Minister on 3 July. Nantes Cathedral (Loire-Atlantic) was the victim of an arson attack on 18 July. Emanuel Macron announced a second imprisonment on 28 October. Author Maurice Genevaux enters the Pantheon on 11 November.

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On 7 December, according to the INSEE, in 2019, France had surpassed the death record in a calendar year. Between 1 January and 7 December, 617,197 deaths occurred in 2020, compared to 613,243 for the entire 2019, post-war record, due to population growth and aging.

The vaccination campaign has been started on 27 December.

Song: The year 2020 is fatal for Christophe (16 April) and Juliet Greco (23 September).

Elsewhere, we can recall from the year 2020 that the WHO and Chinese health officials officially announced the discovery of a new coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) on 9 January. Hospitalized since 27 December, a regular customer of Huan Bazaar dies. His death was made public two days later. Its human-to-human transmission was confirmed by the WHO on 23rd.

Denmark is ahead of New Zealand in the ranking of Transparency International, the non-governmental organization of the least corrupt countries published on 23 January 2020, on any other subject. Somalia lags behind Yemen, Syria and South Sudan. France lost 23 places (out of 180), behind Uruguay and the United Arab Emirates but ahead of the United States, in two places.

On 23 January, due to coronovirus, it sees total control of Wuhan (China) till 8 April.

Brexit occurs at midnight (Paris time, 11am London) on 31 January, or 1,317 days after the British Union’s decision to leave the European Union.

On May 30, Americans Bob Bacon and Doug Hurley flew from Kennedy Space Center in Florida Dragon drawn From SpaceX launched by Falcon 9 rocket, the first private company to be responsible for shipping astronauts by NASA. Safe Return to Earth on 2 August.

1986 stamp.

Sweden, June 10: Thirty-four years later, the killer of social democratic Prime Minister Olof Palme has been identified: according to the Attorney General, it will be Stig Angstrom, a graphic designer who died in 2000.

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In Belgium, on 30 June, King Philip, in a letter to the President of the Congo, Felix Tsekkedi, has expressed “deep remorse for the wounds of the colonial past” marked by atrocities during 1908 and 1960 and at the time of the local independent population. Congo when Leopold II personally owned African territory.

Turkey, 10 July: Hagia Sophia becomes a mosque again.

Frenchman Emanuel Charpanir and American Jennifer Dudna received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry on October 7 for their work on the genome.

Liberia stamped the 2008 souvenir sheet for Obama President and his Vice President Joe Biden.

On November 3, the election of President, Joe Biden, in the United States – declared the winner on the 7th – was contested by Donald Trump, who declared himself the winner before the end of the count, in which the Democratic camp was accused of fraud.

On 9 November, American Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech announced that they had developed a vaccine that is “more than 90% effective” and on 8 December 90-year-old Briton Margaret Keenan became the first Westerner to receive this vaccine . .

Finally, at midnight on 31 December, the post-Brexit economic and trade partnership agreement goes into effect, while the Kovid-19 pandemic kills more than 1.8 million worldwide for more than 83 million infected people.

Stamp issued in Great Britain in 2020 (https://shop.royalmail.com/special-stamp-issues/james-bond).

In the year 2020, basketball player Kobe Bryant (aged 41 on 26 January), actor Kirk Douglas (aged 103), former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (91 years on 25 February), Italian composer Ennio Moricon (6 July) There is a record of his death. Age 91), Japanese designer Kenzo (4 October, aged 81), or Scottish actor Sean Connery (31 October, aged 31).

« The World Review 2021. Geopolitics-environment-economy “, Special issue of” Le Monde “, 220 pages, on sale in newsstands, 13.50 euros, and online or by mail order (” Le Monde “, 67/69, Avenue Pierre-Mendes-France, 75013 Paris).


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