3 main gifts from the presidential election (now)

3 main gifts from the presidential election (now)

A dip bond yield indicates a flight of safety (and a lack of confidence in stimulus costs to increase the deficit) while widespread concern manifests itself in different stocks. S&P 500 futures moved between gain and loss about 10 times in 12 hours, which is east at 6 p.m. And as indicated at the time, stocks of tech giants like Amazon, Apple Pal and Micro .ft are the most profitable in premarket trading, and investors are looking for a place to park their money. (Even a divided government “literally two days ago reduces some of the potential for their distrust concerns with big-cap tech.” Mr Detrick added.)

3. Companies face busy but divided employees, customers and stakeholders

Whatever the outcome of the election, it is clear that the country has been politically busy for some time. Some states have historically low turnout with early voting Exceeded the total number of 201 2016. But ticket-splitting seems to be a thing of the past, with voters choosing tougher candidates with a party proposal. Companies that take on increasingly political and social issues In addition to making a profit, This is a double-edged sword.

Susan McCafferen, founder of McPherson Strategies, described herself as “thrilled” with the vote, saying “Ginny is out of the bottle” on corporate civic participation. It will not be easy to please everyone in such a hyperpartition environment, “said Brian Sanchez of Lyonstone Investments.

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A clear picture of immunity to Covid-19 is coming out. A new study in Britain has found that Cellular immunity to coronavirus It is likely to be present for at least six months after infection. Suggests that people may be able to fight the virus even after the antibodies have faded. (This study has yet to be peer-reviewed.)

One of JPMorgan Chase’s top strategists accuses his colleagues of political bias. In an internal chat, Marco Kolanovich, the bank’s global head of macro quantitative and derivatives strategies, said analysts at the banks had made predictions based on “party choice” and called it a “joke.” The trading floor calmed down after his comment, Bloomberg report.

BMW’s profits rose on heavy demand in China. Carmaker said its third-quarter earnings Increased by about 10 percent, Largely thanks to a 31 percent jump in Chinese sales, which helped offset a 16 percent drop in U.S. sales.


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