75 million euros flow into Vogelsbergkreis

75 million euros flow into Vogelsbergkreis

VOGELSBERGKREIS – (Red). “The municipal financial equation will reach a record high of 6.11 billion euros in 2021. This is an important measure to plan for safety and stability in our cities, communities and districts, ”tells Eva Goldback, the green member of the state’s parliament for the Vogelsberg district.

“Due to the Corona epidemic, related restrictions and their impact on the economy, tax revenue will be significantly reduced in the coming years. To absorb these developments for Hessian municipalities, Hessen is launching a comprehensive Corona aid package. A central component of this is the stabilization of the municipal financial equation. Despite the financially difficult situation, funding for our cities, municipalities and districts is increasing again. This creates planning security and enables significant local investments. “In 2020, the Municipal Financial Equation Plan reached a new record high of around six billion euros. It is expected to rise again to around EUR 450 million by 2024.

6.8 million for Lauterback

Vogelsberg municipalities and districts are supported with 78 480 183 euros. Cities and communities in the Vogelsberg district also benefit from it. For example, the cities of Lutherbach and Schotten will receive EUR 6,787,949 and EUR 5,225,241. Plus is particularly evident for the city of Alsfeld. While 8 560 655 euros were available last year, the fund increased to 8 876 751 euros.

“Our municipalities should be capable of acting and should not leave the crisis. This is why new major allocations to the financial equations system are a good sign, especially in this difficult situation, “summarizes Goldback. Photo: Goldback

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