893km Mountain Biking in the Highlands

893km Mountain Biking in the Highlands

stefano romualdi, a true medicine, has just returned from a real adventure. On 26 May he flew to Glasgow for Scotland, where he took a train that took him straight to Tyndrum. There, at 8.30 a.m. (Scottish time) on May 28, he sets out to tackle his trusty mountain bike. Highland Trail 550one of the most important competitions of bike packing, For the layman, bikepacking is an alternative way of traveling by bicycle, bringing with you the bare minimum and only getting by with what you have available: no intermediate stops, no refreshments and “when they Purists turn their noses up when they hear about a bed to sleep.’ More than a challenge with others, it really is a challenge with oneself.

He is now used to life as a bikepacker. But how did it fare in Scotland?
for pedaling 893 km It certainly wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done in the Highlands. for four days It took me to get to the finish line, I had to rise above the constant rain, temperature zero, mud and peat typical of that area. Bad weather essentially slowed down my schedule. In optimal conditions I could finish the route in less days.

Was there a moment when he thought he wouldn’t make it?
As soon as I stepped into Scotland, I knew what I was going to face. No support, no outside help, just me and my bike. On a physical level it was certainly going to be a lot of effort. I never thought I’d sleep eight hours in four days, plus spend the last night in a public toilet. But in spite of everything I finally arrived safe and sound, fulfilling a dream I had dreamed of for five years.

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