9,945 of the state. In the case of 11 deaths, the government provides Herbert Utah COVID-19 update.

 9,945 of the state.  In the case of 11 deaths, the government provides Herbert Utah COVID-19 update.

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah Governor Gary Herbert said Thursday he was not surprised to see an increase. COVID-19 Cases after Thanksgiving holiday.

This Department of Health Utah On Thursday, 3,945 new cases were reported and 11 more people died.

Shortly after the holiday, shortly after the grounds, where Utah saw many days, each of the last two days brought 1,000 new cases to Utah, with 2,000 new cases.

“We’re going to see an increase in that number of cases, I hope that doesn’t happen too dramatically,” Herbert told a news conference on Thursday.

The governor urged people to be vigilant and limit social gatherings to prevent the spread of the virus. Herbert’s two-week health order limiting the number of people living in the same house before her death. It worked, and people became more aware of how social gatherings can spread the virus, Herbert said.

Most aspects of the order were continued when the order expired on November 23, but state officials removed the rules on house gatherings, outlining recommendations for those gatherings rather than government orders. On Thursday, Herbert said public health officials know the case goes down when social gatherings are limited and goes up when not limited.

However, he did not indicate if he had any plans to reinstate such restrictions before Christmas, saying they would not be enforceable and would take government action.

Herbert said, “It’s too far for me to say, ‘We’ll see what you do inside your house.’

According to Herbert, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the next 45-60 days could be the worst ever. With colder weather and other big holidays approaching, more people gather indoors.

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Despite the recent upheaval, Herbert remained optimistic that the end of the epidemic was near.

“We’ll go together with this,” he said. “2021 will be a good year.”

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert spoke at a news conference Thursday morning. Utah Health Department Epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn also spoke at the event. See replay below.

New COVID-19 case

The state now estimates that there are 62,309 active cases of COVID-19 in Utah. The seven-day average number of positive COVID-19 cases currently stands at 2,627, according to the health department. The day-to-day positive test rate for that period is now 24.2%.

The state epidemiologist of the health department, Dr. Angela Dunn noted that the state’s seven-day average positive test rate fell to about 21% earlier this week, but has now bounced back to 24.2%. It shows that a second increase in cases is possible, he said.

A total of 8,548 hospital admissions have been made since the outbreak of COVID-19 on Thursday and a total of 206,165 confirmed cases with 917 total deaths from the disease.

The new numbers indicate a 2% increase in positive cases from Wednesday. In Utah, 1,454,844 people have tested positive for Covid-19 so far, with 14.2% having tested positive for the disease.

State data show that there are currently 59,597 Kovid-1 patients hospitalized in Utah. Of those, 209 are in intensive care units, according to state data. As of Thursday, about 86% of all Utah ICU beds are occupied, with about 89% of Utah referral hospitals having ICU beds, 16 health care facilities capable of providing the best COVID-19 care.

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State data show that about 57% of non-ICU hospital beds were occupied in Utah on Thursday.

Herbert said, “Hospitals can only accommodate so many of us.

Governor Gary Herbert speaks during a Covid-19 press briefing in the Salt Lake City Capital on Thursday, December 3, 2020. (Photo: Christine Murphy, KSL)

Deaths reported on Thursday 11:

  • A Carbon County man between the ages of 65 and 84 was hospitalized when he died
  • A man from Salt Lake County, who was over 85 years old and died when he was hospitalized
  • Two Salt Lake County men aged 65 to 84 who were not hospitalized when they died
  • Two Salt Lake County men aged 65 to 84 were hospitalized when they died.
  • A Utah County man between the ages of 65 and 84 who was not hospitalized when he died
  • A Utah County man between the ages of 45 and 64 who lived in a long-term care facility
  • A Weber County man over 85 years old and a resident of a long-term care facility
  • A Washington Washington County woman, aged 65 to 84, was not hospitalized when she died.
  • Weber County woman, aged 45 to 64 and resident of a long-term care facility

State statistics show that a total of 142,939 Utah Covid-19 cases are now considered to have recovered.

Utah health guidance levels for individual counties in the state have remained the same since last week. Dodge, Pite and Rich counties are considered to have the lowest levels of COVID-19 transmission, while all other counties in Utah have the highest transmission levels.

The transmission index system was suspended during a two-week “hard reset” health order from November 9-23 but resumed last week.

On Thursday, Dunn announced that Utah is Improved Quarantine Guide CDC According to those who come in contact with Kovid-1 to.

“People will now be able to quarantine for 10 days instead of 14,” he said. In addition, if they are tested on the seventh day and give a negative result, and have no symptoms of COVID-19, they may terminate their quarantine. .

Dunn said that despite the vaccine distribution being expected to begin later this month, people will continue to wear masks, socially distance themselves, and will need to limit gatherings for people in their own homes even after vaccinations begin.

“We really need to stay stable for the next few months,” he said.

State epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn speaks during a Covid-19 press briefing in the Salt Lake City Capital on Thursday, December 3, 2020. (Photo: Christine Murphy, KSL)

Health care workers are expected to begin receiving the vaccine in Utah later this month. The CDC has indicated that the vaccine may be widely available by April, Dunn said, although local Utah health officials say June or July is a potential timeline for the state.

Herbert said he expects everyone in Utah to get the vaccine they want.

“There is help and hope along the way,” Herbert said. “Take responsibility, do your best, adapt, innovate and conquer, and we’ll do it together.”


Test results now include data from PCR tests and antigen tests. Positive COVID-19 test results are reported to the Department of Health immediately after confirmation, but negative test results cannot be reported for 24 to 72 hours.

The total number of cases reported daily by the Utah Department of Health includes all cases of Covid-19 since the Utah outbreak, including those currently infected, recovering from the disease, and dying.

Definition of a case that was retrieved Anyone who was diagnosed with Covid-19 three or more weeks ago did not die.

Deaths reported by the state are usually reported two to seven days in advance, according to the health report. Some deaths may be later, especially if the person is from Utah but has died in another state.

The Department of Health reports both confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases of death, as defined by Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists. Death counts may change once case investigation is completed.

For deaths reported as Covid-19 deaths, according to the Department of Health, if the person did not have Covid-19, the person would not have died.

The data contained in this story primarily reflect the state of Utah as a whole. For more local data, visit your local health district website.

More information about Utah health guidance levels is available here coronavirus.utah.gov/utah-health-guidance-levels.

The information is from the Utah Department of Health and coronavirus.utah.gov/case-accounts. For more information on how the Utah Health Department compiles and reports COVID-19 data, visit coronavirus.utah.gov/case-accounts And scroll down to the “Data Notes” section at the bottom of the page.


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