A fleet of hydrogen-powered passenger trains in service

A fleet of hydrogen-powered passenger trains in service


Fear on the highway, trucks and cars before the tunnel – Video

(Adnkronos) – Fear on the motorway near Genoa, where yesterday a truck and a car made a U-turn past a tunnel. Passengers in transit of imminent danger pass through message panels, while patrols from the traffic police subdivision of Sampierdarena and Ovada work to slow down vehicles and reach the site of danger as quickly as possible. & nbsp; The plan worked: the crazy maneuvers didn’t lead to accidents, with both drivers being stopped shortly after by a road patrol. & nbsp; , The driver of the truck, originally from Eastern Europe, was sanctioned with his license withdrawn and a fine of up to 8,000 euros, for which the vehicle was suspended for 3 months. The same fate happened to the driver of the car, a foreigner who had hired a car. And the drivers, who, on the other hand, know very well that driving is not a joke, but a very serious thing.” declared the director of the traffic police service, Paolo Maria Pomponio, who said, “As the state police we Will use all the tools at our disposal to prevent those two people from becoming a danger to them and others in the future”. & nbsp;

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