A Month Of June Dedicated To European Football – Informazioneonline.it

A Month Of June Dedicated To European Football - Informazioneonline.it

Roberto Mancini’s Italy are looking to redeem themselves thanks to the third edition of the UEFA Nations League, after bitter disappointment at being ruled out of the World Cup to be played in Qatar next November. Following the success of the first two editions of this new European tournament involving continental national teams, a new adventure began in June for the selection of Roberto. mancini, As we know, the title holder is Didier Deschamps France, a team looking for their first win in this edition of the tournament.

The composition of the four groups that make up the League of Nations League

As far as League A is concerned, we have seen that the four-group structure has faced some of the strongest national teams from among those present in Europe. It is no coincidence that in each group it is stated on paper that there will be a lot of balance and outcome in terms of game predictions and Condition Lives are far from clear. Starting with Group 1 which sees Denmark, Austria, France and Croatia as the protagonists. Slightly surprisingly, Austria and Denmark got off to a good start, with the Scandinavian national team beating first Nations League champions France and the 2018 world title and then Austria by two goals to one.

Group 2 consists of Portugal, Switzerland, Spain and the Czech Republic.

From Group 1 we then go to Group 2 where we find Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The first outing of the national team was a bit disappointing by Luis Enrique, who gained another point in the match after the draw against Portugal. Republic Check ended with a result of 2-2. Even more disappointing was the start of the competition for Switzerland by Murat Yakin, who will probably have to find balance and performance after a good European play last summer. The narrow defeat against the Czech Republic was a sign, which was later confirmed by the KO faced by Portugal, which ended with a massive 4–0 passivity in favor of the Lusitanian selection. Czech Republic, on the other hand, were pleasantly surprised by the fact that they were considered at least on paper the weakest team out of four in Group 2 before the start of the tournament.

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Mancini’s Italy against Hungary, England and Germany

Let’s move on to Group 3 which sees Italy, Hungary, Germany and England as the protagonists. Gareth Southgate’s selection was off to a surprise start with a narrow loss against Hungary, while during the second match against Germany she managed to recover in the second half and regain the gap. Germany is better off instead, considered one of the most popular selections for the next World Championship victory in Qatar. The Italian national team, led by Roberto Mancini, is recovering, having suffered a significant psychological backlash after being knocked out of the 2022 World Cup, but the competition has already found a mix that matches the two against Germany and Hungary. coincides with good performance. It remains to be seen whether this new group troubled by Mancini’s call-up will have a future, but for the time being after the first race it has already proved to be a competitive and capable team, such as the previous win during the European Championships of the year..

group 4. for Holland, Belgium, Wales and Poland

Group 4 closed the speech of League A, with selections such as Holland, Poland, Belgium and Wales as the protagonists. Belgium started off with a loss, but now is the time to recover. The same goes for Wales which will have to sell it to the Netherlands and Poland who started with victories instead.

A rundown on League B of the League of Nations

Taking a quick look at League B we find formations like Norway with full points for Group 4 ahead of Slovenia, Sweden and Serbia. Serbia, which is worth repeating in this context, qualified for the World Championships in Qatar as the first classified in Group A of the final stage. Finland also performed well for Group 3 which also includes Bosnia, Montenegro and Romania. For Group 1 we find Armenia, Scotland, Ukraine and Ireland. Russia instead of the No Nations League which should have participated in Group 2 along with Iceland, Albania and Israel.

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Selections who will play the World Championships in Qatar

The European national teams that will play the next World Championships are as follows: France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland, Holland, Portugal, Poland and Wales. So there would be no Sweden and many other selections apart from Italy, unless there were recently fixed attendances or in any case formations that participated in previous editions of the World Cup such as Ukraine, Czech Republic, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Had taken. , Greece and Iceland. Of course, the most sensational exclusions are those of Mancini’s Italy, Chile and Colombia.


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