A wind farm among the waves of the sea. “Piano 100 Blades” on the Apuan Coast – Chronicle

 A wind farm among the waves of the sea.

Carrara, 23 February 2022 – It will rise in front of the beach marina di carrara A floating island. one hundred wind turbine Anchored for the bodies, they would end 15 miles off the Apuan coast to supply electricity to the entire area. An offshore platform in the middle of the ocean that would be able to stir up expensive energy thanks to the force of the wind. Along with less expensive bills, there is also new property for a depressed sector that could create hundreds of jobs from a significant project proposed by an outside company. Yes, because the sustainability of the initiative also depends on the fact that the hundred blade all-metal artifacts and complete realization of the design will depend exclusively on local forces, in order to avoid increased road transport. In recent times, there have been contacts between the company that is already setting up offshore wind farms in Scotland, Sardinia and Puglia, and the Apuan companies participating in the realization of the venture that will reduce the cost of energy costs. Will give Serious hand ‘ environment, circular economy, sustainability.

a plant which provides for the production of Power As such, largely to meet the needs of domestic users and the industrial sector, which is now carnage more than ever by new gas cost tariffs and which will be able to receive significant reductions from the new plant. The benefit for the municipality of Carrara is also that the company that will manage the plant will have new revenues that will be added to the existing taxation on marble. Thus, along with the Zero Kilometer project, there is also a leap for employment, the growth of which will be accompanied by a sustainable economy and in line with the directives of the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Singolani. The project must be supported by a government-territory treaty and obtain all environmental clearances respecting the fauna and the marine area in which the platform should be located.

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