A woman at the top of the World Trade Organization. Is the first time


“If you want to say something, ask a man; If you want to do something, ask a woman. ‘This was repeated by United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaretha Thatcher from 1979 to 1990 and was the first woman to hold the post. And better than that, who can indicate as a woman’s model of power in the world of men who decide the fate of the world? But things have changed. The route is marked. Till a few years ago, this was just a prediction that some believed but seems to be a reality in more and more leadership positions of women in power.

The last case is symbolic and leaves no doubt for doubt or interpretation: Nogzi Okonzo-Iwela will lead the World Trade Organization (World Trade Organization) of the World Trade Organization. The body, which is based in Geneva and which was established in 1995 to regulate trade agreements between 164 member states, is a true center of global power, governing many trade agreements, regulations. And represents more than 94% of world trade. In goods, services and intellectual property. Ngozi Okonjo replaces Brazil’s Roberto Azevedo, who resigned in August 2020, a year before the natural end of his mandate. Most of the current work of the organization stems from the 1986–1994 Uruguay Round of Negotiations and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) under the previous agreement.

The WTO deals with the progressive elimination or reduction of tariff barriers and negotiates directly with the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank. Its functions include international trade negotiations and dispute resolution. From today onwards, this is an African woman, former Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs in Nigeria, Coordinating Minister of the Economy of Nigeria, who will work to modernize financial management systems in her country and bring transparency and make the publication of accounts public Will preside. , Using technology to counter losses and fight corruption effectively. His name was hinted at for several months, but the real obstacle to his appointment was Donald Trump, who vetoed the very light, not a country like states. The decider was a step backward from its direct rival, Korean Yoo Myung Hee, but above all the support of new President Joe Biden.

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A historical appointment: This is the first time that a woman is the head of this body, and it is a strongly merit-based appointment. The White House has indeed underlined “its wealth of knowledge in economics and international diplomacy”. Chapeau. Its origins are not a negligible element: the fact that it is African means that from now on the black continent will have many more possibilities, in terms of world trade, with a boom in trade and new opportunities for growth.

Therefore, the position of power in the world occupied by women, ready, strong, to confront the conditions of great conflict and to manage billionaire resources, means and identify objectives and tools is increasing visually. Still most important in the saddle is the balance of relations between Angela Merkel, the first woman to become Chancellor of Germany, the woman with the “iron wrist”, and even today the member states of the European Union. In addition, the office and functions of today’s president of the European Union, German, Ursula von der Lein, have great importance. And what about Christine Lagarde, the French head of the European Central Bank? The picture is completed by Greta Thunberg, a Swedish activist supporting global campaigns in protecting the environment, Kamala Harris, the new US Vice President, Nancy Pelosi, President of the US House of Representatives, Susan Wojski CEO of YouTube, Nicola Sturgeon, Prime Minister of Scotland .

Queen Elizabeth deserves a mention, having crossed the century with character and perseverance, but the way to equality between women and men in the power of world power can only be called when the woman sits in the White House. Hillary Clinton has come close but it is clear that we will not have to wait who knows how long and soon Madame will be President in Washington.

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