A woman proposes to take the stage at the Parklife honeymoon given by the festival head

A woman proposes to take the stage at the Parklife honeymoon given by the festival head

A woman who got engaged on stage at Parklife “couldn’t stop crying” after being targeted by trolls after getting free festival entry and a free honeymoon from Zindagi.

Indie Geraghty, who was proposed to over the weekend during the set of Yung Philly in front of thousands of people, received gifts from the festival’s head Sacha Lorde, 23, and her current boyfriend Miles Goodfellow, 25. Years, hate has been sent to them online.

The Scottish Borders duo appeared on stage on June 11, when Miles decided to ask questions “weeks ago” with the social media star’s rapper and manager.

After the video of the proposal went viral, Lord appealed to find the couple, then spoke to Indy on the phone as they were returning to Scotland from the festival, offering to pay for the honeymoon.

Miles Goodfellow, 25, proposed to his girlfriend Indy Geraghty on June 11 in front of thousands of people

She tweeted: “I was that girl, I can’t stop crying reading that post. I struggled and didn’t have a lot of family. My partner who did this yesterday was one of the best days of my life . that is my family.

“It was not a good idea to wake up to hateful comments this morning. We get over it and ignore them. I am so grateful for all the great posts and great comments. They dominate all the bad guys. I do not believe. I am so glad to read this article and I can’t stop crying.

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Speaking to Manchester Evening News he said: “The offer came as an absolute shock! When we arrived at Parklife, I quickly realized we were going to have a meeting with Yung Philly, but I didn’t know that. It’s gonna be.

“I was completely clueless about everything and as you can see from the pictures and videos I couldn’t even speak. I cried with joy when Sacha called me.

Parklife 2022.  Yung Philly on the main stage of

Parklife 2022. Yung Philly on the main stage of

“Many good things haven’t happened in my life, so having something like this make a huge impact. Miles arranged everything with Philly’s manager the week before.

“We are both doing normal work and don’t have a lot of free time, so I guess it will take us a few years to afford our wedding, but I certainly don’t mind waiting.

“I hope we’ll be able to do this in the next year or two, but I haven’t planned anything yet. I’m still very surprised since yesterday and the amount of attention it’s got has given me a roller coaster of emotions.” sent on”.

Offer on stage at Park Life

Indy claims she “can’t stop crying” after being offered to go on stage

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Speaking to Maine, Lord, who is also Manchester’s Knight Economy advisor, said: “I spoke to Indy on my way back to Scotland.

“She was very angry this morning. All that can be said was. I think what we did is draw a line under it. Don’t read this, it’s the beginning of your life, take action and enjoy it. Definitely has been a trip they won’t forget anyway.

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“Now she has my number, she and Miles, she can call me anytime, come to any of our events and they’ll sit down, pick a wedding date and then we’ll talk about putting them away.”


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