Absolutely low-cost September vacations in this city that looks like Scotland

Absolutely low-cost September vacations in this city that looks like Scotland

In just 3 weeks we’ll be saying goodbye to one of the hottest summers ever. We would go back to work, the young children would go back to school and the daily routine would resume. However, that doesn’t mean we have to give up on exploring the most beautiful places in our country. And if we’re looking for an economic destination to hit and run in September, we’ve come to the right place. Because the village we’re going to explore in September can have low-cost vacations Turns out to be the right destination. With a few hours of travel we’ll feel like we’re in hilly terrain Scots

Guro is small italian scotland

When it comes to villages, Piedmont is often underestimated. it’s a big mistake since that this area is hidden Villages with unique features in the world, One of the most beautiful and special is Guro, which is located in the magnificent Canobina Valley, just minutes from Lake Maggiore.

Guro is not compared to Scotland only for its geographical structure and landscape. The link is also historical if we consider that experts suggest that around 1500 some Scottish mercenaries settled in these valleys.

The connection clearly visible in both the historical costume of the village and the special architecture of the houses.

what to see in gurro

Despite its small size, Guro is a small treasure trove of attractions that we cannot miss. Scottish-style houses are only the first. Also worth visiting is the Ethnographic Museum which collects evidence of old agricultural eras and artifacts with which the ancient inhabitants worked hemp and wool.

If we have any option, then Sunday is the best day to visit Guru. We may stumble upon a historical reenactment and watch residents parade through kilns to the sound of bagpipes.

Absolutely low-cost September vacations in this city that looks like Scotland

There’s also another reason to visit Guro in September. The 8th day will be the Patron Saint’s Day and there will be an opportunity to taste the local cuisine. In addition, of course, to the possibility of admiring the inimitable Scottish costumes for which the village is famous.

All around too. If we love trekking and nature walks then there are Val Canobina, Val Vigejo and Val Loana. On the other hand, only 14 km away, is the Orido di Sant’Anna. A unique natural spectacle with a wonderful church overlooking a gorge in the rock. This is the perfect place for landscape and photography enthusiasts.

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