Accountant and tax consultant at the online conference “Cas Rurle e Impress in the new European regulatory framework”

Accountant and tax consultant at the online conference

Great partnership for virtual meetings organized and managed by How are you not? on the subject “How Rurale e Impress in the new European regulatory framework“.

The initiative, proposed by Wrestle’s management, involved almost all Accountant and Business Advisor Other professionals from the Val di Non region and outside the Valley, joined remotely to attend the meeting.

The main theme is the relevance of companies in accessing credit based on newcomers. Guidelines set by the EBAChanges initiated by the European Banking Authority and the new Corporate Crisis and Bankruptcy Code.



President of Kasa Rurle Val de Non Silvio Mucci He brought greetings from the board of directors, thanking the professionals who accepted the invitation to attend the conference. “Rules, Laws, Rules introduced by MLA – Muchi said – It is considered by Cas Rurale’s credit advisors as an incentive, as an opportunity to find solutions that consistently become an opportunity for players from all banks.»

After the intervention of the general manager Massimo PinmontiFrom a strategic and organizational point of view, from the commercial link between the bank and local businesses, at the forefront of growing both. “The world of banking is changing rapidly – were his words – And European supervision issued important regulations regarding loans to businesses, at one stage, the current one, in which some regions are financially vulnerable to the crisis due to the Kovid-19 epidemic»

This is why RURLE, thank you for this Wide distribution across the region (25 branches) I all’area Trade & Overseas Consulting CenterWants to be the protagonist of economic reform, adapting the synergy relationship between the three main actors of the local economy: the company and the accountants, the latter as the company’s privileged negotiators, who know the financial details. , Strengths and weaknesses, prospects and ambitions for growth and relaunch.



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«Now a new challenge is opening up and our mission, which is of support and closeness in this field, requires our common action and our professionalism for the good of our companies.Director included.

Meeting guest and speaker Ettore Battayola, Deputy head of loans for the Cas Centrale Banka Group, which in its speech examined the bank-company relationship in the current regulatory context. The requirements of businesses, on the other hand, trace a synthesis in the important figures of tax advisors to banks. there “Normal rain” This has affected the banks of the European Union and is very complex, requiring facilitators, accountants, to adapt it to individual companies.

In this compound The news of the past few years is many: Basel I, II and III, New Definitions of Default, Calendar Provisioning, IFRS9 Accounting Principles, EBA Guidelines, Corporate Crisis and Bankruptcy Code, just to mention the most effective rules.

Cas Rurali Trentine, and in particular with the Trade and Overseas Consulting Center area, can assist companies in interpreting and respecting these regulations, offering “tailor-made” financing lines.

Also attended the conference Rita RuttieHead of credit area of ​​Casa Rurle Val de Non.Recent legislative decrees specifically defined by the ECB have introduced a cultural shift in bank-business relations – Explained to Ruati. It is clear that information and rationale on projects, new investments, strategic options and business have to be shared with the financial partner and corporate tax advisor. Only in this way will it be possible to form a victorious alliance»

Webinar recording available Kasa Rurle Val Non’s YouTube Channel.



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