Acute Hepatitis Children, “No relation to anti-Covid vaccine”

Acute Hepatitis Children,

Cases in the United Kingdom increased to 108, 8 transplanted. 77% tested positive for adenovirus, but other possible factors such as another infection are still being investigated

They grow in the UK 108 cases sum of Acute hepatitis of mysterious origin in children, Liver transplant was required in 8 patients. This is underlined by the report of the UK’s Health Protection Agency.

All affected children reported to health services between January and April 12. Of the confirmed cases: 79 are in England, 14 in Scotland and the rest in Wales and Northern Ireland. Experts say that “No relation to anti-covid vaccine” and “at present, there are no confirmed cases of anti-COVID vaccination in the United Kingdom”. Investigations by British experts and information from patient samples and surveillance systems “indicate a link with adenovirus infection. 77% of cases tested positive for adenovirus”,

The UK Health Protection Agency also highlights that “as it is not common to see this behavior in relation to adenovirus disease, other potential factors are being investigated that contribute to cases of pediatric acute hepatitis such as a other infection (including Covid-19) or an environmental cause”. British experts are “studying whether there has been any change in the adenovirus genome”.

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