After Mancini Braveheart, letter to Johnson from Scottish newspaper: “Don’t get angry, respect Euro 2020 champion and Italian coach”

After Mancini Braveheart, letter to Johnson from Scottish newspaper:

“Dear Prime Minister, we are not sure if you were watching the game on Sunday or if you sit in front of the TV for a small photo shoot, but England lost to Italy in the Euro 2020 final”. Thus begins the letter written by a Scottish newspaper National, the same one who declared his support for Azzurri with a lot of Roberto Mancini in Braveheart style on the eve of the previous match. Newspaper two days after Italy’s victory writing Directly to Boris Johnson: “In Scotland, as you know, there was a great sense of relief”, the letter continues, “we are saved from another half century of hearing the glory of 2021, more or less as we were before We have been suffering since 1966, when England were lucky to win the World Cup. We are sure you will agree that the goal line’s e3 VAR technique was a welcome addition to the game.”

National He continues: “While you may be annoyed at not being able to claim England’s victory as a straight Brexit success (as yet no other), we are equally convinced that you will be generous in defeat. Will be – just like that. Happened to you when the Supreme Court declared the extension of your Parliament illegitimate ». And at this point the request: «As such, we believe that it would be appropriate for you as Prime Minister that You think of a new title awarded to Roberto “The Bruce” Mancini, manager of the Italian team, Roberto “The Bruce” Mancini, for services to Scotland. . We know you like to give fake prizes to your friends. So we thought you’d do the same for one of our nation’s most loved football personalities.”

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“Robert the Bruce of Wembley”

The letter sent to Downing Street therefore invites Boris Johnson to honor the coach of the Italian national team and already has a title offer: «We were thinking of something like ‘Roberto the Bruce of Wembley’» to journalists Write. “Unfortunately, we cannot donate to the Conservative Party, but I hope you will kindly heed our request as well.” The ironic and acrimonious text ends with the national newspaper’s salutation: “Yours (at least until indyref2). 55% Meanwhile, it seems that there has been no response from Boris Johnson. “The Downing Street Press Office told us they would try to respond early in the morning,” write the editorial staff of the national newspaper, “but we are by no means holding our breath.”

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