After the pandemic Queen Elizabeth diversifies her sources of income

After the pandemic, Queen Elizabeth diversifies her sources of income (on Saturday 9 October 2021)
The gardens at Balmoral Castle were a personal project of Prince Philip, who had looked after it over the years, enriching it with an aquatic garden, an oak forest and a walkway among flowers. And now his organic vegetables, of which the Duke of Edinburgh was so proud, he himself designed the cultivated fields, are on sale at the Royal Mansion gift shop, Later departure of regina elizabeta, opens its doors to the public. Read also ›La regina elizabeta, straight from Scotland in the financial scandal of the “Pandora Papers” ›La regina elizabeta Provides a…Read about Iodna


PDNetwork : There has been a historic agreement introducing #Minimum Tax: from 2023 MNCs will make their payments in advance… – Senateprint : # p20. In #G20Parlamenti, today we talk about sustainability and food security in the aftermath of the pandemic. Moderate Sen. … – daily event Mahler’s symphony is a sign of ‘rebirth’ after the pandemic. Hurray did not regret to the director… – moonkingjay : Jared Leto and Covid An Endless Story I swear to you that first he finds out about the pandemic after a spiritual retreat, then he… – valentinadigrave : RT @tempoweb: Sensational confession of #Pfizer’s Big Boss: Six months later #vaccine doesn’t work @francobechis #covid19 #bourla#… –

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Climate. A million species will disappear. It’s a race against time for Cop15 in China

To revive the economy, after jerk of global pandemic, the government has abolished several limits on emissions in the peripheral provinces. And now they have ordered to increase coal production…

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Today’s class shows the country still needs rebuilding

Half the country, difficult areas bowed by crisis and global pandemic they stayed at home, but then, a few days after, Rome is set on fire and the sword is fired. Of course, public order. Because there are…
Ranking of world’s safest cities after pandemic: Rome and Milan behind (due to health security)

Volleyball, Superliga resumes. De Giorgi: “Azuri hero in the most beautiful championship in the world”

Coach: ‘Three teams for the title and many returning champions. I feel a great desire for volleyball after the dark times of the pandemic. Well the fans are back. I hope many of my boys p…

The opening of the extension of the bowling alley through Montemurlo, Deleda, dedicated today to the historic president of Vannucci and Menchetti, Ausar

Many people are cutting ribbons. Salvatore Gagliano, a member of the bowling club who passed away recently, was also remembered with a plaque.

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