‘Afterson’ by Charlotte Wells: A Bright Beginning


with after noon, to pass the competition Semin de la Critic, at the 75th Cannes Film Festival Scottish director Charlotte Wells He immediately showed himself to be quite deeply endowed.

movie is in now Rome Film Festivalsection . presented in Alice in town.

after noon plot

Callum and Sophie are father and daughter. On vacation at a Turkish seaside resort in a tourist village.

Their seemingly peaceful relationship actually hides problems. Father is going to be 31 years old, daughter is 11 years old. Sophie was born when Callum was just twenty years old and he no longer lives with the girl’s mother. Callum has been separated for some time and now lives not in Edinburgh, but in London. The man wears the mask of a caring father, but behind his sweetness lies his humor, his efforts to make sure the living room reaches his level family happiness There is a great misery, a deep fracture (economic too, not being able to offer anything better) but above all existential.

This holiday, which occurs before the start of the school year, should be a moment of reunion between the two before the impending separation. Callum and Sophie document every moment of their short vacation, but the shadow of the not immortal remains in the background.

the review

“I just turned 11 and you’ll be 31 in two days”,

Sophie (extraordinary.) frankie chorio) and his father Callum (Irish) Paul MescalAn actor growing up from the days of the series normal people) are a great combination. The little hero, in his big screen debut, is endowed with a dazzling charisma.

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shown in after noon It’s a truly great love made up of re-formed bonds, memories to be cherished (constant flashbacks unavoidable) and much more untold. Among this kid-but-protective dad, his bedside books (incl.) poems, Stories and Writing From margaret tato director but also passionate traveller) Two special souls reunite under the same sky.

The essential thing is to understand who the other is, to find a channel to communicate and above all the right language to do so. It doesn’t matter that it’s silence, it doesn’t matter that much is only whispered. Promises of an uncertain future are also important.

In its essentials with an elegant and simple staging, two correct interpreters, an original and dynamic representation of time, functional use of lighting and framing (the film’s seminal co-stars), after noon It breaks away from the film’s classic plot on the father-daughter relationship by proposing an innovative reversal of role and an intermingling of symbols and motifs, which instead detracts from the main story. A small gem and an extraordinary first job.


Cannes 2022 Critika Week – Competition
French Touch Jury Award
Toronto 2022 contemporary world cinema

Rome Film Festival 2022: Starting


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