Alaska Airlines to test COVID-19 for passengers flying from Seattle

 Alaska Airlines to test COVID-19 for passengers flying from Seattle

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Alaska Airlines has joined the list of other airlines that will offer the COVID-19 test to some passengers who choose to test.

The airline is offering tests for people who travel from Seattle to Hawaii to avoid a two-week quarantine.

These COVID-19 tests are performed to prove that the coronavirus is negative in order to exclude passengers from isolating them.

At some airports or places passengers need to be separated for two weeks before leaving the city.

That’s why Alaska Airlines is now offering a quick covid test for people flying from Seattle to Hawaii.

It will immediately start them enjoying a vacation or business on the islands.

Test results arrive in about two hours and those tests are provided in Airline 135.

Other airlines have recently announced plans to offer their own fast test.

And it’s not just airlines, some airports have demanded to provide testing to make travel easier and give flyers some ease.

“Essentially, it’s a way to certify, at some level, that you’ve at least tested and then been able to move on about your journey,” Kama Symonds said. “So, on PDX we explore what options might be available. To be able to offer COVID testing on site, but nothing has been decided at this time.”

Alaska Airlines says its fast tests will be available in Seattle from October 5th.

They also plan to offer testing in Portland next week as non-stop flights to Hawaii resume on November 1st.

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