Alessandro Borghese in the new episode of 4 Restaurant. Begins in Fuerteventura

Alessandro Borghese also returns for the first time beyond national borders to judge the best Italian restaurants.

Location, menu, service, bill and specials: Italian restaurants are back to vote for lunch and dinner. and with him the most beloved and feared chef for his ability to “confirm or reverse the outcome” of the episode. From 27th November every Sunday in prime time on Sky Uno (and streaming now) returns Alessandro Borghese 4 Restaurant With a new journey among Italian restaurants that pass Naples, bologna, Ortigia (Syracuse), five lands And leghorn, And he also crosses national borders to discover from this year those specialties that are always made in the sun in Italy but also abroad Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) and in Scottish Edinburgh,

The rules of this cult show remain unchanged, the original production sky produced by Banijay Italy, It has changed the way the restaurant experience is lived (how many of us have found ourselves polling jokes with friends after dinner?), while restauranteurs will be even more aggressive, shots Will be determined to win the no-holds-barred challenge. ,

The protagonists of each episode will, as always, be four restaurants that have something in common, each eager to demonstrate to the others, by hosting them for dinner at their restaurant, that it is the best in some category. purpose? Distinguished, well-loved and unmistakably achievable”tenAvoid wrapping “by Chef Alessandro Borghese, or at least by him”, especially during your thorough inspection of the kitchen, where cleanliness and order will be observed down to the smallest detail.

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Alessandro Borghese in the new episode of 4 Restaurant.  We start from Fuerteventura - Image 3

Chef Borghese with the Challengers before the new episode of 4 Restaurant, starting 27 November every Sunday in prime time on Sky Uno (and now streaming).

Apart from the classic rating place, menu, Service, I countMust compare on range Specific, a dish that varies from episode to episode depending on location and theme. For the winner of each episode, the coveted title of best restaurant and financial contributions to invest in your business. But to achieve this they must demonstrate an up-to-date welcome, sometimes with challenges that strain the patience and professionalism of the dining room staff, from dish details to wine service.

All restaurants participating in the program are Identifiable via a “sticker” 4 restaurants Outside Exposed, a network of locations tested by those who know: the restaurants themselves.

Alessandro Borghese in the new episode of 4 Restaurant.  We start from Fuerteventura - Image 4

Alessandro Borghese is away in Fuerteventura for the first of the new episodes of 4 Restaurants.

Episode 1: Fuerteventura

The first of Alessandro Borghese’s new challenges takes place in 4 restaurants Fuerteventura, where chefs seek out the best Italian restaurants in the Canaries, On the island, the second largest in the archipelago, it is summer all year round and kilometer-long beaches of golden sand with lava rocks bathed in turquoise waters make it a favorite destination for water sports enthusiasts. Many of them Italians, of whom about 10 thousand have chosen it as a place to live, and in which they also hope to rediscover the flavors of home. where is? The first restaurateur in the competition, Alessandro, opened his Mi Casa on Corralejo beach, a chic and sophisticated space overlooking the ocean. Bolognese doctor and “a little colder”, he has chosen to present a mix of Italian dishes (“There’s never a shortage of tortellini, tortelloni and tagliatelle“) and a traditional from the Canaries: cacio e pepe revisited with the addition of Americana-style shrimp tartare with fresh tuna.

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Alessandro Borghese in the new episode of 4 Restaurant.  We start with Fuerteventura - Image 5

Pasqualina Bistrot is instead located in El Cotillo, a small fishing village overlooking the Atlantic, where Massimo wows Spaniards and Italians with his eggplant parmigiana, spaghetti with clams and fresh pasta, as well as the typical amazes. Pincho Moruno from Fuerteventura, pork marinated with species, cinnamon and turmeric,

Finally, Giovanni’s Locanda Il Gatto Rosso is a trattoria-pizzeria in Villa Verde, an inland town surrounded by desert and volcanoes in the north of the island. The dishes on the menu are above all dishes of the southern Italian tradition, but there are also great classics: from lasagna alla bolognese (also in a version with goat ragout from Fuerteventura) to pesto alla Genovese. and since the chef and owner are Neapolitan couldn’t miss the pizzaBut made from local flour.

Alessandro Borghese in the new episode of 4 Restaurant.  We start with Fuerteventura - picture 6


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