Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon from SNP are quarreling

Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon from SNP are quarreling

Alex Salmond’s testimony in the Scottish Parliament on Friday.
Picture: AFP

In the ruling SNP party, the former Prime Minister and his successors fight each other. He accuses her of wanting to destroy him in public. She accuses him of conspiracy theories. And that just before the election.

VMore eminent commentators spoke of “a remarkable moment in Scottish history” when former Prime Minister Alex Salmond appeared before a parliamentary committee in Edinburgh on Friday to oust his successor Nicola Sturgeon. If the committee had accepted Salmond’s allegations, his resignation would have been unavoidable. The Prime Minister, Salmond, has been claiming for weeks by lying to Parliament, violating the code of conduct for public officials, the so-called “ministerial code”, and running a campaign against him that includes higher officials. On Friday, Salmond alleged in the catalog that Sturgeon was obstructing the Committee of Inquiry and deliberately “mainly suppressing” key evidence.

Relations between the two politicians who formed the Scottish National Party (SNP )’s “Dream Team” have reached a low point, which Sturgeon chose shortly before Salmond’s appearance in Parliament. Your predecessor follows a “conspiracy theory”, lives in an “alternate reality” and wants to leave the “scorched earth” behind. The prestige and integrity of independent legal institutions will be sacrificed at the “altar of the ego of a man”. In fact, the former Friends of War has long resulted in a crisis of confidence in the Scottish government system. Newspapers write a “failed state” or a “banana republic”.


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