All of Starmer’s moves to revive Labor in the UK

Starmer Labour

Starmer started Labor for the Government in Liverpool, UK. All the details in the article by Daniele Meloni

Labor is ready to return to the government. This is the message launched by its leader Sir Keir Starmer. conference Party in Liverpool. “The conservatives have lost control of the economy,” the leader of the opposition said, adding: “They say they are against redistribution, but in fact they are in favor of it and practice redistribution from the poor to the rich. ” Standing ovation (nine, to be exact), in the room that took a breather after so many years mood Positive: Labor’s advantage over the Tories rose to 17 points after the pound crashed and the Bank of England intervened to avoid worse trouble in the markets. If this result holds out in the next elections, Labor would have 182 majority seats and many of the larger Tories – from Johnson to Rees-Mogg – would lose their seats in the Commons.

However, it is too early to claim victory. Of course, Starmer has come a long way since becoming the leader of the party in April 2020. From looking like a Corbynian leader to speaking the language of Tony Blair’s New Labour, to changing positions within the party (general secretary, chief of staff, composition of the national executive committee), the former British Crown prosecutor has taken over. Labor takes the reins after the sad parentage of Ed Miliband and above all, Jeremy Corbyn.

If the move to political “center ground” was also made possible by the gullibility of a conservative party that ousted Boris Johnson, who was breaking traditional Labor strongholds by invading the area of ​​”red” social politics, and For those who have recently developed an ultra-liberal economic policy, it is worth remembering a few verses that have matured Starmer’s change of pace: acceptance of Brexit (“We don’t want to end it, we want to make it work”. want,” he said in his speech in Liverpool); the return of patriotism as a core theme of party policies (a topic that has always been very thorny in the history of socialism); The suspension from the parliamentary group that became the protagonist of the episode that tarnished the group’s image in the House of Commons: first former leader Jeremy Corbyn (accused of anti-Semitism), and then, on the day of his speech at the convention, Roopa Haque, who sided with Chancellor Quarteng. Called “black only on the surface”.

Of course, there’s still a long way to go to get to Downing Street even after it’s cleared. Strong ideas proposed by Starmer were the nationalization of railways and the creation of Great British Energy, a new public company that would manage energy to make the UK independent from overseas. The convention also approved a proposal to introduce a proportional electoral law to replace the current majority. However, the commitment will not be included in the party’s program in the next elections.

If Starmer has been adamant on ousting a future coalition government with Scottish nationalists – and has in fact advocated a Labor government in Scotland – what is causing trouble in his new centrist course has always been relations with trade unions. Is. affiliated and unaffiliated. Liverpool also saw RMT transport union secretary Mark Lynch and supporters of the group to the left of starrer Labour4Labour, which literally means Labor for Labour. In July, the Labor leader expelled Transportation Minister Sam Terry from his shadow government after being convicted of picketing with unions during a train strike in violation of party signals. Sharon Graham, leader of Unite, the largest labor-allied union, attended the convention for the second year in a row, and urged Starmer to “take a clear line, showing a greater vision of what he intends to do for the country.” Is. “.

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