Amateur Rugby Championship at Aveyron: Season is already ending

Amateur Rugby Championship at Aveyron: Season is already ending

Francis Biol, co-chairman of LSA (Federal 2)

“If in December, I continued to expect a possible recovery in the spring for some time, I suspected that this decision was going to happen. Besides, I’m not sure everyone wants to play, even with strict protocols. To recover, I don’t know how it’s going. People are fed up and turn to bike or run. I’m not sure when we can start training, everyone will respond. We have to be able to do something in May or June otherwise it will be difficult. Motivation goes and we can figure it out. “

Patrice Arguel, co-chairman of Milau (Federal 2)

“I was expecting this decision more or less. It is not great, even if it at least has the virtue of clarifying things. We wonder how, especially among young people and seniors, we will be able to mobilize everyone for the next season. I am afraid that the players will stop at the end of their careers or some young people who were about to come to senior level. We must now meet to see what may be held in May-June, if the health condition develops favorably. We can think of friendly matches between Aveyron teams but for this, we will have the right to contact again. “

Patrick Malpel, Co-President of Dekaville (Federal 3)

“We are not going to lie to each other, we had some hope. We would love to resume the season but we must first think, I believe, to contain this epidemic and start again on a sound basis. For the club, we can say that it is a shame because it is the two seasons that we are going to play the final phase and the two seasons, which are closed before the championship ends. In the city, people stop me, asking me when we can return to Camille-Guibart. They are like us, leaders, coaches, players: they are impatient to find the competition and its sensibilities. Therefore, we are now entering the stage of preparation for the next session, with many questions, with regard to the future workforce: economic, partners and sports. “

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Patrick Galtier, President of Saint-Africa (Federal 3)

“It is not surprising. If I want to see the positive side of things, I say to myself that it will allow us to do it in two seasons at the federal. What bothers me a bit, though, is one of two Argentines that we recruited, and who have fully integrated, who are already back in the country. He enjoyed his work here, but the fact of his not playing. On the other hand, work and training continues for the time being. Overall, we hope that players will start playing again without playing for a year because when your girlfriend is with you all the time, let her know that we will be absent again in some evenings and weekends. My fear is even more. It is pronounced among young people who are just fed up with training. “
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