Amazon and U.S. Government agency partner for fake inspection

 Amazon and U.S.  Government agency partner for fake inspection

An Amazon fulfillment center in Frankfurt, Germany.

Thurston Wagner | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Amazon Connecting U.S. Forcing the government to conduct a fake inspection with a watchdog group, the company announced on Tuesday that in its latest attempt to resolve a problem that has plagued e-commerce platforms for years.

The task force, overseen by American Immigration and Customs Enforcement, will work with the National Intellectual Property Rights Sync Center to “analyze data and conduct targeted inspections to prevent counterfeit products from entering the U.S. supply chain,” Amazon said. Any evidence collected from their observations will be used to expand the ongoing investigation and go after bad actors.

Called “Operation Operation Fullfield Action”, the initiative is led by Amazon’s counterfeit crime unit. The team was Earlier this year And is composed of former federal lawyers, investigators and data analysts who mine the site for information and work with the federal prosecutor.

Amazon’s market share, which began in 2000, now accounts for more than half of the company’s total sales. While he has been the main driver of Amazon’s overall business, he has also faced a number of related issues. Fake, As well Insecure And Finished goods. Knock-off goods are particularly detrimental to Amazon’s relationship with some brands, such as Nike and Birkenstock. Who left Amazon The following Increase in fakes.

The company has stepped up efforts to print counterfeit on the platform. That is Chased the forgery in court, Bent Various applications The sale of counterfeit goods continues to get and find and block millions of suspected bad actor accounts and listings.

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