Amazon urges judge to decide ર્ડ 10 billion cloud contract award

Amazon urges judge to decide ર્ડ 10 billion cloud contract award

WAS SHINGTON – The U.S. judge asked the Pentagon to release the Pentagon’s આઈ 10 billion JEDI Cloud Computing Agreement award, while the Department of Defense said in September that the court-ordered re-evaluation showed that the Micro .ft Corp. proposal still represents the best value for the government.

The company’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) unit will open on October 23. Unsil filed in court on Tuesday, saying the award given to Microsoft “must be revoked because it is a product of systemic bias, bad faith and improper influence by President Trump. Run the award away from the company. Call it a” faulty and politically corrupt decision. ” Identified as.

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The White House declined to comment, citing questions from the Justice Department. The Pentagon did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

The California files are against Amazon’s search for petition VID-19.

“DOD’s career acquisition officers have decided that given the technical advantages and overall value, we continue to offer the best solution,” Microsoft said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Now is the time for us to move forward and get this technology into the hands of those who are in urgent need: women and men who protect our nation,” he added.

The AWSA said in a statement on Tuesday that as a result of the Pentagon’s revision in September, “the price difference has gone up significantly, now the lowest bid of millions of dollars by the WS.”

In February, a judge asked Amazon to temporarily suspend the deal; It stays in place.

The government is considering rejecting Amazon’s amended complaint and a petition filed by the government and Microsoft. The motion has not been made public and it is not clear what the judge will rule.

Amazon, which was seen as the next runner-up to win the contract, filed the lawsuit in November 2019 after being awarded the contract to Micro .ft. Trump has publicly ridiculed Amazon chief Jeff Bezos and repeatedly criticized the company.

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Amazon’s new filing says Trump and his administration have intensified their interference and retaliation campaigns against the DOD, which the president deems insulting or capable of reaching a conclusion on disagreements with his personal interests.

The company argued that in a recent Pentagon review “more errors were scattered from the beginning than in the past,” and that the Pentagon “manipulates its assessments to a degree that has a rational facade.”

The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud (JEDI) deal could reach 10 billion and is part of the Pentagon’s expanded digital modernization.

Then-Secretary of Defense Mark Asper said the Pentagon made his choice absolutely. Trump fired Asper last month.

(Reporting by David Shepardon, Editing by Rosalba O’Brien, Sonia Happinstall and Raju Gopalakrishnan)

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