Amazon Web Services down for many websites and services

Amazon Web Services down for many websites and services

Participants at Inc.’s annual Cloud Computing Conference on November 30, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, past the Amazon Web Services logo.

Salvador Rodriguez | Reuters

On Wednesday Amazon’s cloud-computing service was hit with an outage that took down some websites and services.

A notice Amazon said on its web services’ status page that it was having problems with Kinesis, its service, which processes large streams of data, which has led to “increased error rates” for a number of websites. The outage also affected the ability to post updates on the status page.

The notification states that “the Kinesis Data Streams API is currently corrupted in the US-EAST-1 region,” other affected services include Cognito and Sagemaker.

AWS said it was working towards a resolution.

The services that have reported issues as a result of the outage include Amazon’s smart security subsidiary Ring, Roku, software maker Odes Todesk, fintech company Efirm, Target’s Ship Delivery Service and New York City’s Metropolitan Authority Transport Corporation. Errors have also been reported by the Tribune publishing properties Baltimore Sun and the Chicago Tribune.

Major AWS customers, including Apple Pal, Slack and Netflix, did not seem to experience any problems as a result of the outage.

This is the first major outage to disrupt many customers since 2017, after the same US-EAST-1 sector Experienced issues, Knock off some websites offline flyline.

– CNBC’s Jordan Nowet contributed to this report.

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