Amlikon-Bissegg: Marcardo Swiss distillery’s new barrel storage facility is the first in the world

Amlikon-Bissegg: Marcardo Swiss distillery's new barrel storage facility is the first in the world

In the presence of all kinds of celebrities from politics, business and society, Marcardo Swiss Distillery in Amlicon-Bissague on Wednesday inaugurated its new barrel storage facility: more precisely a world first: namely its “Barrel Storage 4.0.” ± ±

Two Alphorn players greet visitors with rustic sounds in the new Macardo Barrel store.

Christophe Lampert

As the owner of Mercado Swiss Distillery, Andy Bosso, explicitly declared with pride in his welcome address on Wednesday afternoon, Barrel Store 4.0 had been created a “world first”, with a level of innovation from Scotland. Were there competitors for whiskey, Ireland, America or Japan might be quite jealous.

Forward Looking Barrel Storage

The modern barrel store is not the same as a romantic barrel cellar, the cornerstone of which was laid centuries ago, but a barrel store in an architecturally very attractive and light-colored wooden structure that is nothing short of futuristic-oriented. Or as Bosso explained: “The premium quality of our distillate depends 40 percent on the raw material and distillation process, and 60 percent on the barrel and its storage. Therefore barrel maturity is the highest discipline of refining ». In fact, the characteristics of the barrel, The microclimate, temperature, adjusted humidity in the barrel store, but also the time during which a distillate matures, have a huge impact on the taste. For this reason, a small, but at the same time very sought after company like Marcado Barrel Storage Cannot use with

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Despite the summer break and the requirement to wear masks, many guests insisted on attending the opening of Barrel Store 4.0.

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Andy Bossow, owner of Macardo Distillery, welcomes his guests at the opening of Barrel Warehouse 4.0.

Networking is moving fast

The new Barrel Store 4.0 was designed in collaboration with two engineers Rudolf Bossert (Marcado Swiss Distillery GmbH) and Bruno Schlfer (Conmatech GmbH) with two students Ivan Krajinovi and Lars Mugler. The latter developed a sensor-based device that measures the temperature, humidity and weight of drum materials at the JHAW School of Engineering in Winterthur as part of their undergraduate thesis “Drum Storage 4.0: Network Quality Monitoring of Drum Storage”. Measurements are automatic and measurement intervals can be set. As one of the two students explained, the device can be powered in such a way that the battery can last up to ten years. Ten such sensor modules are currently in operation at Marcardo, but there should be 250 by the end of the year and, in the longer term, the entire warehouse, which can hold 450 barrels, will be equipped with them.

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It is thanks to these two students at ZHAW Zurich, Lars Mugler (left) and Ivan Krajinovic, that Barrel Store 4.0 was developed.

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Also the Head of the Office of Economy and Labor of Canton Thurgau, Daniel Wesner, emphasized on thanking both the customers and the developers for their commitment and pioneering spirit to the most innovative drum storage facility in the world.

Stark praises innovative scientists

Words of praise also came from politics and business. Thurgau Council of States Jacob Stark said that with so much inventive talent and willingness to innovate, he did not fear that Switzerland could miss out on international scientific leadership in the medium term. Stark said these young people are proof that Swiss science is innovative. The head of the Office of Economics and Labor of the canton of Thurgau, Daniel Wesner, agreed that “it was anything but a crazy idea”. He is particularly pleased that the innovative barrel storage facility is not located in a large city: “I am proud that it takes place in Thurgau, in a place that is not exactly on every map. But it also shows that such How important is digitization to projects,” says Wesner.

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Weinfelder mayor Max Vogeli (left) and Thurgau councilor Jacob Stark have Macardo boss Andy Bosso skillfully refill glasses in the barrel warehouse.

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Invited guests showed great interest in visiting the new Barrel Storage 4.0.


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