An army of free sanitary pads against a period of poverty

An army of free sanitary pads against a period of poverty

It came into force on 15 August term product act, Law introduced by MP in 2019 Monica Lennon and then approved in November 2020 for the purpose of counter the term poverty (menstrual poverty), that is, a state of economic poverty that does not allow all women to be able to purchase sanitary pads and hygiene products during menstruation.

“whereas rising cost of living – He has declared monica leno– The term product act a. represents Tookglimmer of hope Which shows what can be achieved when politics comes together for the betterment of common people.fundamental to equality and dignity: We are proud to be the first national government to launch this”, added the head of the Department of Social Justice and underlined, Shona Robinson,

As revealed by a survey conducted by Plan International UK 28% of 1000 girls in the age group of 14 to 21 have Difficulty buying menstrual productsWhile 19% reported that they could not buy the product from the beginning of 2022.

according to union Hey girlsAgain, one in four women in Scotland find themselves struggling with these problems term poverty At least once in your life: every month to you spend about £8 (more or less 9 euros) for products related to the menstrual cycle, but Low-income people can’t always afford this expense. And so “many mothers find themselves using newspaper sheets wrapped in socks and other emergency solutions that are cheaper than menstrual products,” she explained. BBC worker Georgie Nicholson , You go to the supermarket and you find that you have to choose between a pack of pasta and one of the following sanitary napkins: it is term poverty,

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But Scotland is not there: Bicycle is not an option and cannot be a luxury,

Thus, with term product act they were overall intention 9.2 million pounds (about 10.3 million euros) for the initiative and local authorities will decide how to keep Sanitary pads are available for those who need them.

At the moment, Scotland is the only one in the world that has taken such a significant step, but there are many States moving in the same direction: In New Zealand Menstrual products free for girl students Canada And United Kingdom VAT on sanitary pads has been abolished Spain The government has given green signal to a bill which includes a three days paid leave Reduced VAT on menstrual cycle related products and free distribution of sanitary pads and tampons in schools and universities during the menstrual cycle or after termination of pregnancy (five days especially for women who are unable to menses) . In Australia and in India VAT on women’s hygiene products has already been completely abolished.

and in Italy, In our country we have been talking for a few years tampon tax, Taxes on menstrual products that rose from 22% to 10% with the latest budget law: a clear cut, but not enough as it is one of the highest in Europe (in Germany it is 7%, while in France it is 5.5%).


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