An Eco-Sustainable Whiskey – RSI Swiss Radio and Television

An Eco-Sustainable Whiskey - RSI Swiss Radio and Television

Whiskey distilleries in Scotland have set a goal of making all their operations carbon neutral by 2040. Strategies are different, the point of arrival is the same for everyone: making sure that getting their natural products doesn’t negatively impact the environment that supplies. raw material. In fact, a lot of energy is used: “There are motors that turn, conveyor belts that move grain and products, we have boilers … we have a lot of energy, a lot of electricity and a lot of water.” Soak grains, a process that allows us to extract the sugars and then distill them as steam”, explains Callum Rev, manager of the Oban distillery.

Greening the region is a process that began a few years ago: many distilleries have already reduced their emissions by a third in the past decade. A goal of zero emissions, to be achieved in phases. By 2025, packaging should be reusable, recyclable or compostable. Same time frame for responsible use of water that avoids any waste and assumption – by 2035 – an active role in conserving or regenerating peat bogs.

Other purposes are to implement a spherical economy, for example by turning grains already used for the distillation process into feed. “Whiskey is what Scotland is famous for, I think it is important that its production is as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. We hope to set an example for other regions as well,” said Scott, an employee at Ardnamurchan Distillery. Stewart said.



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