Angry truck drivers want to go home in England

Angry truck drivers want to go home in England

DHe is shore up the veins of thousands of truck drivers in England. Truck drivers in Dover harbor expressed their anger with the Horn concert. “We want to go home,” they shouted. A small group clashed with police officers, who blocked the entrance to the port. A scuffle ensued and one person was arrested.

Vehicle drivers are jamming the day. On Wednesday night, France reopened the border for trucks from Great Britain after two days – but a negative corona test is required for entry. In the northern French port city of Calais, some cars left ferries from Great Britain on Wednesday, some truck trailers also arrived, but not fully articulated trucks – because without that negative corona test, drivers could not get on board .

“It will take a few days to clean the backwaters,” said British building secretary Robert Genrich. He represented the government in the morning TV stations’ breakfast programs. The Transport Department spoke of more than 5,000 vehicles in Cantt in the morning. The British Freight Forwarders Association (RHA) estimates that there may be twice as many. The Federal Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics announced that 300 to 400 people from Germany were affected.

Christmas is in danger

Meanwhile, unique views are taking place on the island: About 3,000 trucks were dispatched to the closed Manston airfield, about 30 kilometers north of Dover. They are sorted like tetris blocks on the runway. German Ambassador Andreas Michaelis tweeted that it was not possible to go through Manston. He was only able to call some German truck drivers. RHA owner Richard Burnett warned: “Hundreds of drivers run the risk of not getting home in time for Christmas.”

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Meanwhile, the British Army is building a large Corona test center in Manston to allow the voyage to continue. Drivers will be given a quick test, Minister Generich said. Those who test negative are allowed to go to the port and take the ferry. If the rapid test is positive, a more detailed PCR test result should be investigated. If it is also positive, the driver will be accommodated by the British authorities in a “Kovid-safe” hotel. Also at Dover, a test center was established directly at the port.


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