Antiques stolen in Scotland recovered by carabinary


reggio emilia – The Carabinieri of the Cultural Heritage Protection Unit of Udine, returned by the Jesuit theologian Roberto Francesco Romolo Bellarmino (Montepulciano, 1542) at the Pontifical Scots College in Rome, in the seventeenth century, entitled “Conciens, Habite Luanis Ante Anos Circuiter Quadraginta … “, – Rome, 1621), cardinal, saint and doctor of the Catholic Church, recently abducted by the army of the Carabinieri department specializing in the prevention and suppression of crimes committed for the loss of cultural heritage.

The tome was returned to the rector of Rome’s Pontifical Scots College, Daniel Fitzpatrick, the commander of the TPC nucleus of Udine, Major Lorenzo Pella, at the end of an investigation coordinated by the Reggio Emilia Public Prosecutor, and surveillance followed. The purpose of the web is to search for ancient books marketed illegally. The volume was actually purchased over an electronic channel by a private resident in the province of Reggio Emilia and immediately aroused the interest of the military, as it reported specific signs in Latin belonging to St Peter’s College in Glasgow.

The subsequent investigation, carried out through a quick and effective cooperation relationship directly with the Dutch Police Scotland and Dutch Koninklijke Marechousie’s counterparts, allowed the Carabinieri of the TPC of Udine to come into direct contact with and identify Archie’s special archivist. Glasgow which recognized tome stamps as belonging to the above British College. After an investigation of an archival nature, it was revealed that the tome had been donated to the college by contemporary rector William Gordon in 1880 and had fled illegally at an unspecified time before the 1981 first enlistment.

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The volume, which focuses on Christian doctrine and sermons at Louvain in Flemish Brabant, a group of similar works by Cardinal Bellarmine, is placed in the College above and is described as “of particular importance to the College for the Diocese of Glasgow”. has been recognized as , for the Catholic Church of Scotland as well as for Scotland as a whole”.

The buyer, a lover of Mantuan history, purchased the quantity belonging to Cardinal Bellarmino near the Court of Gonzagas from a Dutch bookstore through an e-commerce platform and was investigated for “purchase of things of doubtful origin”. , Following the outcome of the criminal proceedings that arose, the judicial authority ordered the issue of the volume through the Pontifical Scots College of Rome, a representative of the Catholic Church of Scotland in Italy, and its return to the owner of the church body. Unknown buyer.

Therefore the precious and rare historical volume will soon be re-merged into the collections of the Scottish Archdiocese after an absence of more than 200 years, thanks to an investigation by the Carabinieri of the TPC, which is not only illegally stolen cultural work to acquire property. back to Italy under the principle of “restoration of culture”, but thanks to fruitful cooperation with competent foreign authorities, they contribute – through the so-called “restoration of culture” – to the repatriation of illegally existing foreign cultural assets Italian region.


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