Appointments: Scottish Hire Minister Carfagna’s Chief of Staff

Appointments: Scottish Hire Minister Carfagna's Chief of Staff

Francesco Panetti from the Ministry of the South moves to the office of Gualtieri’s deputy mayor

The Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, and the Deputy Mayor, Silvia Scozze, at the presentation of the new Capitoline Junta.

From the cabinet of minister Mara Carfagna to the chair of chief of staff to Gualtieri’s deputy mayor, Silvia Scosze. The budget’s super-delegated councilor recently hired Francesco Panetti, a lawyer trained between Harvard and Sant’Anna di Pisa, who until yesterday held the position of deputy head of the cabinet of the Minister of the South. ‘Il messagero’ ‘It’s a matter of hours to go to the capital, the ministry is no longer answering PangiĆ ’s phone.

Former head of credit recovery at the Casa Depositi e Prestiti, he arrived in the Southern Department with Dame Pepe Provenzano during the Conte Bis.

However, Carfagna confirmed this, in fact promoting him from a simple legal advisor to number two in the staff. But now going to Panetti, in the municipality he will earn 90 thousand euros annually. He was reassured by Skozcz, who negotiated the old capitol mortgage with the CDP for years when he was the city’s maxi-loan commissioner.

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