Arabat, a start-up from Foggia, recycles expired batteries and recovers precious metals with citrus waste

Arabat, a start-up from Foggia, recycles expired batteries and recovers precious metals with citrus waste

In collaboration with Apulian startup, Arabat, the Puglia region organizes a public event to promote the best innovation experiences for the circular economy. Representative Anna Grazia Maraccio, Councilor for the Environment of the Puglia Region, Eng. Councilor for Economic Development of the Puglia Region Alessandro delle Nosy, Dr. Art Puglia’s Stefano Marastoni, Dr. Arabat’s Iniko Administrator Rafael Nachiero, Prof. Matteo Francavilla, head of the STAR Facility Center laboratory of the University of Foggia, which conducted the first experimental tests on related matrices, and Prof. Leonardo Binetti, a materials engineer and researcher at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. The program was conducted by Prof. Gian Maria Gasperi, A.F.R.S. Group director Foggia K, patron of the initiative and coordinator of the large and qualified scientific technical committee whose members were recruited along the path to Arabat with the arts program ‘Extraction of Talent’.

,We are thrilled to present our business project at such an important location in collaboration with a public body – At only 23 years old said management engineer, Rafael Nachiero, who represents Arabat’s manufacturer and engine. ,Our startup is made up of very young Apulian professionals who have made tough life and work choices“Said runaway from mind Leonardo Binetti, 28, who, after years of research and teaching at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland, decided to return to Arbat after 7 years.”Arbat is a rarity throughout the European panorama for its production purposes: to use citrus waste, in a new and sustainable way, to recycle used batteries and recover precious metals such as lithium, nickel, manganese and cobalt. to do. It aims to provide concrete, alternative and circular solutions to the problem of hazardous waste management.“, concludes Prof. Gian Maria Gasperi, with his more than thirty years of experience for the green economy.

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The event will be broadcast live on the Puglia region’s Facebook page. Due to COVID regulations, some accessible spaces in the regional conference halls are reserved for organizing bodies and the press.


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