Ardashe debuted in the production of a “gourmet” whiskey

Ardashe debuted in the production of a

He preferred to call it “Tanarg”, as the landscapes of this mass located in Ardashe Sevenway remind him of Scotland. After three years of aging in the barrel, Cedric Oler, an agricultural engineer and François Papin, the second director of a college, launched the marketing of the first whiskey produced in Ardashe at the end of the year.

For us “tanarg” is quite a symbol. It is a mountain that takes a lot of electricity, rains a lot. Blindfold, it’s like Scotland! Legend has it that the god of the sky and Hurricane Tannis lived here in Gallic Celtic mythology.

Love at first sight in scotland

Cedric O’Lear and François Papin fell in love with whiskey, a drink they discovered on a Christmas Eve in 2005 during a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, where Cedric O’Lear’s family is from. “With François, we fell in love with this country, its culture, its traditions. So often when we met, we enjoyed sharing a small glass of whiskey. Over the course of so many years, we have acquired a true whiskey culture. is. “

Until the day when two friends who met on the school bench in Abenas decided to produce. “Brittany and Alsace in particular have a lot of local initiatives. We asked ourselves why there was no attempt to make it in Ardashe? “On condition that all the materials that produce this whiskey come from the department.

Thus, barley is used in Bourg-Saint-Andéol. Water, very important in the production of a good whiskey, comes from a river located in the Bourne Valley. Brewing takes place in Saint-Jean-de-Muzol. The barrels that allow the “tanarg” to age were collected from a winemaker who produced a white typical of the Rhône Valley.

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Chocolate and Frutti Note

“The result is up to expectations. It is a delicious whiskey with very potent chocolate and fruity notes. We are on the cherry, the pear, the white flower “, describes Cedric Allier. A product that immediately found its audience at Ardashe.” This test was decisive since we were plundered! Our pleasure is to see those people Those who have never drunk whiskey buy this first cuvée, which remains confidential. “

Pleased with the result, Cedric Oler and François Papin however have chosen to keep their respective jobs, knowing they are only at the beginning of the adventure and don’t want to cut corners. “Economic constraints should not harm our history. Just had fun. We want to make different cuves with different aging. What does the Scottish family think of this first half whiskey? “We don’t have time to taste it yet. But we hope that we can do it soon. “


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