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Ein Router-Check findet heraus, ob Adresseinstellungen manipuliert worden sind

If you’ve never done this before or just bought a new router, you should definitely change the factory-set password. It is also important to enable automatic firmware updates in the settings. If the router does not offer such auto-updates, you have no choice but to check the router manufacturer’s support page for updates at regular intervals.

reduce attack surface

With these two measures, the device offers an attack from a surface area much smaller than the Internet. Another security component may then be closing open ports which may or may not be there or may not occur at all.

Because such ports can actually be imagined as open doors through which uninvited guests can enter in a state of suspicion. Checking the network by “Heise Security” shows that everything is barricaded and locked or rather open.

It is best to leave it at the preset “Full check”, confirm with a tick at the bottom that the router owner is authorized to scan and then click the “Start Scan” button.

red means potential problem

The result comes after ten to twenty seconds. If there are possible problems, these lines with a red background are listed. The corresponding port can be disabled in the router menu if not required.

Another test, the “F-Secure Router Checker”, can be used to find out whether a router’s DNS address settings have been manipulated by attackers in such a way that you are constantly being unintentionally redirected to advertising pages. is going or even gone unnoticed. Fake page while surfing. This can be especially important in online banking, for example.

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From: APA / DPA


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