Are our elected representatives representative of the population?

Are our elected representatives representative of the population?

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The question arises in Germany where a page of history will turn with the election of 26 September 2021 and the departure of Chancellor Angela Merkel. But it also originates in France or Brussels, where political leaders repeat it over and over again: we must bring citizens closer to institutions.

Turnout was rising in the last European elections for the first time since 1979. And conference on the future of europe Can help confirm the trend. Strasbourg this weekend it . launched in Will bring together 800 citizens from 27 member countries In the practice of participatory democracy. on climate, economy, health, or immigration, among other topics, They will make concrete recommendations which will be presented to the executive. European next spring. Will Europe want to broaden the power base, or at least lead the way? ? This is a file signed by Carlotta Morteo.

Too old, too manly, too white Bundestag?! Institution lacks diversity, sorry for the few associations that rallied to make things happen By supporting the business of new candidates from more diverse backgrounds. Niklas Mönch follows a young candidate campaigning for the September 26, 2021 legislative elections.

Which government will replace Angela Merkel? The question concerns far beyond the German borders. The Chancellor’s favorite for the post is Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, who will have to rule in a coalition. The political turn would have far wider consequences. Frederick Lebel talks about it with academic Patrick Martin-Jennier.

Presidential election in France to be held in more than six months But it already exists a lot. Will there be mobilization of voters? On polling day, do they feel normally represented by their elected representatives? Alice Rouza interviews union voters in Roubaix, in the north of France. Reporting.

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