Arial 3.0 . Brilliant Screensavers on Your Mac with tvOS 15

 Arial 3.0 .  Brilliant Screensavers on Your Mac with tvOS 15

tvOS screensavers are so compelling that it would be a shame to limit them to the Apple TV. Aerial, the open source macOS application developed by Guillaume Luel, allows you to take advantage of these great aerial, spatial or underwater flights on your Mac! Version 3.0 is now available for download at this address, The aerial is then to be configured in the tab screen saver Like desktop and screen saver,

Included in this update Latest tvOS 15 ScreensaverVery beautiful views, especially over the majestic Scottish and Icelandic landscapes. Others are apparently available, including tvOS 10 and tvOS 13.

Version 3.0 improves its interface, thus making it possible to easily select multiple screensavers to read in succession. You can select the folder where the videos will be stored – including a folder on the local network – and share it. Convenient when multiple users are on the same network, especially since these videos are heavy.

Another important innovation, screensavers can indicate the name of the song as well as its cover, whether it comes from Apple Music or Spotify. We find the same download management function offered with version 2, which allows the software to manage everything alone or to give control to the user.

In addition, Ariel offers to download additional screensavers Realised by Joshua Michaels and Hal Bergman. Everything is free but it is always possible to make a small donation to reward a good deed. Version 3.0 of the software can be installed on Macs from macOS Sierra (10.12). Ariel’s code is available on GitHub,

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