As a UNESCO World Heritage Site Good, Rosaline Bachelot Honors a “Anointed”

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site Good, Rosaline Bachelot Honors a

Good news for Nice (and the tourism sector). This old resort town is included in the list world Heritage of UNESCO. “Nice’s history, both implicit and open, Mediterranean and Alpine, European and cosmopolitan, has produced a unique architecture and landscape, a model for a great number of other cities in the world”, welcomes Mayor Christian Estrosi Did. “This inscription hails Nice as the ideal of the Riviera’s winter resort, with its extraordinary site, between the sea and the mountains, and the various influences that have shaped its heritage”, congratulating Culture Minister Rosaline Bachelot on Twitter Gave.

Until the early 19th century, Nice was an old town in the state of Piedmont-Sardinia, surrounded by a ruined castle and a hill along the Pylon River. The travelogue of the Scottish author Tobias Smollett, published around 1766, would then put it into fashion and particularly appeal to the English public. Before 1850, a new city developed to become a de facto “winter capital” for wealthy idlers, renters and aristocrats, with parks and promenades set up for enjoying the outdoors. Exotic species, such as palm trees or orange trees, will populate the peeled land.

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“From the end of the 18th century, Nice was the first site on this coast, which until then was considered very hospitable and not difficult to reach, on which a winter resort activity developed. It is therefore in Nice. One of the earliest attractions The discovery was made of what would be the Riviera in a later sense of the word: special picturesque landscapes resulting from the proximity of the mountains and the sea, the mild winter climate, the exoticism of the vegetation and even, to a lesser extent, the eccentricity of the native inhabitants. way of life “, recalled the city in a press kit.

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The first representative of this “Riviera resort”, Nice welcomes about 150,000 residents in the winter of the late 19th – early 20th centuries, from all origins – from the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, then from around the world Europe and America. . The result is a splendid architectural legacy that is still visible today, hotels, villas, buildings for rent.


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