ASSORETIPMI celebrates 10 years of Business Network

ASSORETIPMI celebrates 10 years of Business Network
This initiative will allow company representatives to delve deeper into new commercial trends and landscape developments, keeping an eye on the changes in the energy and digital landscape, while always maintaining a high level of focus towards sustainability objectives.

As explained by the official note,

The event is sponsored by the National Microcredit Organization and the proceedings will open with a report presented by President Eugenio Ferrari and will continue with speeches by Eva Bredariole and Nicoletta Grassi on the importance of the “network contract”.

plan to intervene “From James Melanieby Change Capital, in respect of corporate financing through digital platforms; From marco jacketPMI on the New Dynamics of the Smart Company with Business Analytics Tools to Support SMEs and Business Networks by Agile; From Elio Palumbieri on the new dynamics of the agri-food world in relation to the Green Deal and PNR funding; From Sebastian Gadaleta on business project: “Innovation, circular economy and energy community” and of Alexander Sivati, by Lutinx, on “Ai and Blockchain for Business Networks”. After this, official intervention is planned on the analysis of foreign markets. Sabrina D’Elpidio (from Scotland on Economic Opportunities), james guernera (about the economic opportunities coming from Brazil) e Isabella Pulcinelli (about economic opportunities coming from USA).
completion of the first part of the work monica franco, Vice President of ASSORTIPMI who will present the national project “Fair rate per la digital transformation Italiana”. The conference relationship will continue with the “Roundtable with Business Network” with the participation of Giancarlo Tagliaof the “Italian Good Taste” Business Network, Paul Palmieri“CIBUS Network” of Business Network, robert lodiBig Business Network – Free Agricultural Tours on the Net, enzo dotaE of the Mediterranean Network with the “” project Paul Attanasio, by Polaris Engineering, with a speech on Digital Resources in the Service of Digitization of Companies. The conclusion of the day of study and conference will be edited by Giuseppe capuano, Representative for Institutional Relations of ASSORTIPMI. Thereafter, the meeting will have access to an open networking space for all participants with the aim of developing personal relationships and acquaintances, with the possibility of interfacing with experts, speakers and sponsors. Great space will also be devoted to the communication and dissemination of business priorities that have emerged during the work with the activity of the press office, which will be managed by the journalist. Dominic LetiziaExpert in sustainable innovation, green and blue economy and overseas markets”

With this event, ASSORTIPMI aims to reaffirm the importance of business networks for the Italian economic system, in a critical phase such as the crisis and recovery after the health emergency. It aims to support the performance of individual companies, support their technological transformation process, strengthen networks of relationships and support the process of acquiring new skills. Collaboration between companies through stable and organized aggregation models such as network contracts, which will be essential to prepare them for future challenges.

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eugene ferrari, President of ASSORTIPMI ,in the picture), commented: “When we decided to hold our national conference, we thought about the importance of offering participants a highly insightful and operationally slanted meeting on business networks. In fact, we believe that more networks will contribute to the fabric of the national are fabricated in. economy, the more it will be necessary to acquire and adopt practices in favor of their concrete use. This is the reason why finance experts especially in fintech solutions, agriculture and agri-food sector PNRR, energy community design, circular economy. , to improve the efficiency of blockchain networks and supply chains. And then, two round tables with the participation of people who can explain and talk about the network, first-person protagonists of various stages as: origin, development, dynamics, profit but also the problems that have arisen and the solutions adopted to overcome them, in short, all the situations that every entrepreneur may face when creating or participating in a network In conclusion, all the participants A space dedicated to fostering relationships and contacts between: a networking buffet, which is certainly not the least important part of our intentions, despite being located at the end of the conference, in fact it restricts the redemption of physical Is. Attendance in many online meetings which is making us lose the habit of physical contact and active participation”,


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