AstraZeneca vaccine will be very effective against severe forms of Kovid-19

AstraZeneca vaccine will be very effective against severe forms of Kovid-19

Pfizer and Moderna, the AstraZeneca vaccine, was criticized for its low effectiveness compared to its competitors. Will actually be reduced by 94% . The Scottish public health body looked at hospitalization data and compared it with vaccination data. In Scotland, over 8 million doses of the vaccine were given between 8 December and 15 February, 8,000 people were hospitalized during the same period. According to preliminary results, By comparing vaccinated and uninfected patients, the Astra Zeneca vaccine is possible, four weeks after the first dose, reducing the risk of hospitalization for Kovid-19 by 94%. A similar study was done for the Pfizer vaccine, which would lead to an 85% drop in hospitalizations, but the data are less conclusive.

These data relate only to hospitals for Kovid-19, and therefore to the most severe forms, against which the AstraZeneca vaccine would provide significant protection. For milder forms, according to published studies, the vaccine is slightly less effective than its competitors.

German authorities supported

In Germany, a month ago, by an article Handleblatt, AstraZeneca vaccine was ineffective among the elderly, citing government sources. In fact, there was nothing to confirm it, but the data was insufficient. The government administered the vaccine to people under 65 years of age. The French government did the same. Mistast then settled across the Rhine and German officials are now campaigning to reassure the population about this vaccine. “Safe and very effective” According to Angela Merkel’s spokesperson.

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