Attend the Conference on Conservation of Forests of Central Africa

Attend the Conference on Conservation of Forests of Central Africa

Conservation of tropical forests is essential to be successful in controlling climate change and preventing the loss of biodiversity. Although there is general consensus, the policies to be adopted for this are debated and the resources mobilized are insufficient.

The second largest tropical forest after the Amazon, Central Africa was relatively untouched by recent deforestation. This is no longer the case, under the influence of demographic pressure and the land needs of a farmer who is dependent on shifting to slash-and-burn agriculture.

Between the need to respond to global challenges and the priorities of some of the world’s poorest countries, the agenda is not necessarily the same. However, there is an urgent need to find a way that can harmonize development and the environment.

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Program for October 6th:

9 hours – inauguration complete

In the presence of: Jules Doret Nongo, Minister of Forest and Wildlife of Cameroon, Chairman of the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC), Allen-Richard Donavhick, Ivorian Minister of Water and Forests, Claudia Doubles Camargo, First Lady of Costa Rica, Vanjira MathaiRegional Director of the World Resources Institute, Shamila Nair-Bedouel, Assistant Director General for Natural Sciences of UNESCO, and Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris.

9 hours 35 – introductory session

Dr. Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury, general engineer of bridges, water and forests, researchers specializing in tropical forest ecology.

Living with the Forest, Protecting Biodiversity

9 hours 50 – exploit without destroying

In the presence of: Ana Maria Hernandez SalgaraChairman of the Intergovernmental Forum on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), Lee White, Gabonese Minister of Water, Forest, Sea and Environment, Ellen Carsanti, economist at the Center for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD), and Georges Clever Boundzanga, Coordinator of the Program for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) of the Republic of the Congo.

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10 hours 20 – preserve without deprecated

In the presence of: Geoffroy later, Coordinator of the African Protected Areas and Conservation Program of the Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Bertil Mayen Nadeong, co-author of the 2021 report on protected areas in Central Africa, Patrick Saidik, Coordinator of the Dynamic Network of Indigenous People’s Groups (DGPA) in the DRC, Blair Byamungu Kabonge, representative of the indigenous population in eastern DRC.

10 hours 50 – city ​​and forest

In the presence of: emilian dubiejo, Forestry Engineer at CIRAD, Russell Galt, founder of IUCN, John Rob-Pool, Representative of Cities4Forests Botswana, Ernestine Lonpi Tipik, representative of the Luki Biosphere Reserve, the Regional Postgraduate School for Integrated Planning and Management of Tropical Forests and Territories (ERAFT), and Prudence Rubinissa, Mayor of Kigali.

Transform the economy, optimize consumption

11 hours 20 – responsible companies

In the presence of: laure d’estorgDirector General of the Coalition for the Conservation of Forests, Gilles Boeff, President of the Scientific Council of the French Agency for Biodiversity, Administrator of the Angie Foundation, Jean-Marie PougamaDeputy Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Antoine Sawyer, Director of Corporate Engagement for BNP, Jean-François RialCEO of Voyagers Du Monde, Fabrice Le Sache, Vice President and Spokesperson of Medef.

11 hours 50 – Certification and quality of fields

In the presence of: Jean BakoumaCongo Basin Conservation Director at WWF, Claude Cachaca Sudi Caico, Regional Coordinator of the Network of Forestry and Environmental Training Institutes (Riffeac), Stephen Glenazy, Commercial Director at Precious Woods, aurelian sautierreExecutive Director, Forest Management Council (FSC), sylvain engrand, campaign coordinator for Canopy Fortes Vivantes.

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14 hours – circular economy

In the presence of: dorian deskley, representative of the Catholic University of Leuven (UCL), Roger Noto, representative of the University of Kinshasa (Unikin), Armand Roland Pierre Beouindo, Mayor of Ouagadougou, Luke Messi Attachment, Mayor of Yaoundé.

support new practices

14 hours 30 – New agricultural and food practices

In the presence of: Katherine Muthurik, coordination and world agroforestry, Susan Chomba, Director of Critical Landscapes at the World Resources Institute, Africa Regional Office, Matthew Auger Schwartzenberg, Project Team Manager, Agriculture, Rural Development and Biodiversity Division, at Alliance Française de Development (AFD), Josefa Lionel Correa Sacco, African Union Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture, and Dieudonne Bantasimba, Mayor of Brazzaville.

15 hours – Tackling the crisis in Central Africa, foresight and solutions

In the presence of: roger mbasa i haveMayor of Douala, Marine Robillard, Consultant in Environmental Anthropology, Nathalie Besler, consultant in potential strategy and decision support, Sanjay SrivastavaDirector of the Environment Department of the World Bank, Noelin Roundtree Rakotoarisoa, PhD in Plant Ecology at UNESCO, Alfred NgomandaCommissioner General of the National Center for Scientific and Technological Research of Gabon (Senarest).

15 hours 30 – Rule: Changing Lenses

In the presence of: Robert Begre Mambe, Governor of Abidjan, Claude Garcia, researcher at CIRAD and the Zurich Polytechnic School, Augustine is Bazirake’s enemyGeneral Coordinator of the Civil Status and Population Project in the DRC, theodore trefone, Du Royal Museum for Central Africa (MRAC).

16 hours – Women and commitment to the environment

In the presence of: Arlett Saudon-Nonault, Congolese Minister of Environment, Sustainable Development and Congo Basin, Anne Hidalgo, mayor of paris, Hindu Oumarou Ibrahim, human rights activists, indigenous peoples and the environment, Audrey Tcherkoff, Executive Chairman of Positive Economy and Managing Director of the Women’s Forum for Economy and Society, Hermione Patricia Tomeno Nadam Nojoya, Mayor of Fomban (Cameroon).

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17 hours – on the way to the police

In the presence of: Michael Matheson, Net Zero in Glasgow, Scottish Minister of Energy and Transport, keynote speaker Laurence Tubiana, Ambassador for the Negotiations of the Paris COP 21 Conference, Keynote Speaker Remy Rioux, Director General of AFD.

17 hours 30 – completion completed

In the presence of: Eve Bazaiba Masudi, Deputy Prime Minister of the DRC and Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Anne Hidalgo, mayor of paris, Florence Palla, Member of the Scientific Committee, Cameroonian Expert of the Central African Forest Observatory (OFAC).

Information and Registration: – #ForetsAfriqueParis2021



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