BAC Pro 2021: Subject of French – BAC 2021

BAC Pro 2021: Subject of French - BAC 2021

First written test for Bac Pro 2021 students: French .
189,246 Professional Terminal students are starting their series of 5 final exams for all students at Pro Back this Wednesday, June 16, 2021.

Unlike general and technical level candidates, whose candidates take only one final exam (Philosophy Thursday, June 17), pro graduate candidates who haven’t improved will have to take 5 tests this week… but do so after difficulties. For preparing for BAC 2021 with Covid-19, only the 2nd best grade will be taken into account. see here Adjustments given on BAC 2021.

=> Consult Answer Sheet for French Bac Pro 2021 Exam

Wednesday 16 June 2021: 9:30 am to 12 noon.
Duration of the test: 2 hours 30 minutes
Coefficient : 2,5
Professional level bachelor and brevet des métiers d’art – all specialties

You will choose between Subject A or Subject B.
The use of any calculator model is prohibited.

Subject A – Object Identity and Diversity of Study

lesson 1:
In her novel, Isabel Autissier tells the story of Emily, a young Scottish woman who was sent to Patagonia to become a governess in 1880. There he discovered the customs of the Yamanas Indians. As far as Indians are concerned, I am used to their physique. The gentleness he can show among them arouses my sympathy.
Text by Isabel Autissier, Lovers of Patagonia 2013

lesson 2:
Rika is a Persian traveler (the old name for Iran is Persia). He writes this letter to a friend who lives in Smyrna, Turkey.
Text by Montesquieu, Lettres Persones, 1721.

document 3
Alexandra David-Neill, European explorer from the early 20th century, and the Tibetan Afur Yongden he adopted in 1929.

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Reading Skills Assessment (10 Marks)
presentation of corpus
Question n° 1 (3 marks)
Summarize in three to six lines, highlighting the differences between its unity and the documents that make up it.

analysis and interpretation

Question n ° 2: Lesson 1 (3 marks)
How, through writing, is Emily’s place built into her new surroundings?

Question n ° 3 Lesson 2 and Document 3 (4 marks)
What is the significance of the dress code in Lesson 2 and Document 3

Writing Skills Assessment (10 Marks)
“What, according to you, is a beautiful meeting with one’s own culture with another”
You will answer this question in a thoughtful development of about forty lines, based on texts from the corpus, on your reading and your personal experiences during the year.

Subject B – Object of study: Speech in pageantry

lesson 1:
In this novel, Marina, an African, talks to herself about her life. She works hard in stone with other women. One day, they decide to live together.
Emmanuel Dongala, group photo by the river, 2010

lesson 2:
On stage, actors recite these words in chorus.
Jean-Christophe Doll, E-Genre @ Tion, 2015

document 3
This sketch represents Jean Jaur जौs, a French deputy speaking in the National Assembly.

Eloy Vincent, Sketch to serve as an illustration to the history of eloquence, 1910.

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=> Consult Answer Sheet for French Bac Pro 2021 Exam

=> History: The Subject and corrected in French for the Professional BAC in 2019

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