Banke de France predicts slow recovery of French economy

En novembre, l

The rebound in the economy will be less robust than expected. According to the latest macroeconomic estimates The Banque de France published this Monday, 14 December, The tricolor gross domestic product (GDP) will grow 5% in 2021. After a disastrous spring and summer peak at its peak, economic activity rebounds at the end of the year. The virus’s disturbances and various measures of the spread of this infectious disease at the end of summer are expected to recover rapidly. Compared to June and September (7.4%), bank economists slashed their growth projections by more than double digits, even though the year-end blowout was less brutal than the first quarter. “The impact of the second imprisonment was much less severe than the first imprisonment in the spring. Housing and food were badly affected during the two imprisonment. Personal services were less affected than in the spring. In the end. Many sectors were much less affected such as construction or Business services. GDP will fall to -4% in Q4. During a full year, activity will be 9%. “ During a press point on Monday morning, said the director of studies at Balek de France, Olivier Garnier. “In the central scenario, our hypothesis is relatively conservative. At the end of 2021 the full impact of vaccination will be felt and the virus will still be …

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