Bari, Futuro Arkaiko Fest from June 11 to July 11, 2021

Bari, Futuro Arkaiko Fest from June 11 to July 11, 2021

The first edition of a comprehensive, collective, multidisciplinary exhibition on folktales, rituals and popular traditions was organized by creative studio Folklore Elettrico.

Bari – works by more than 40 artists from all over Italy, who renew the vision of the popular, ritual, magical and oral culture of our country from south to north through the languages ​​of photography, video, sound, illustration. Mixed media and installation. A comprehensive, collective and multidisciplinary exhibition, available for free, outdoor and indoor in the most famous venues, but also among the most unusual in the city of Bari. The first edition of the Archaic Future Festival, which will begin in the Apulian capital By Friday 11 June and 11 July 2021.

Sponsored by the Municipality of Bari and financed through the 2020 Extraordinary Plan for Culture and Recreation of the Department of Tourism, Economics of Culture and Globalization of the Region – Economics of Culture Section – of the Puglia Region, the Futuro Arcaiko festival is organized by creative studio On a journey through Italian tales in search of folklore élettrico and roots, visual and performing arts intertwine to create participatory and unusual paths.

and ‘Redissi’ was the title and subject of a call for the artist to be conceived by the folklore Elettrico (Marco Malasomma and Jimmy Ghirandi) and curated by Maria Teresa Salvati, which has been, in recent months, nationally, as part of a collection of works. was launched for. The call, made as part of the Future Arcaic Digital Art Observatory’s wider project – available through the portal – and to which more than 500 artists have responded, travel from one end of the country to the other , carry out their research examining the tangible and intangible heritage of the Italian region, and a jury composed of experts from each field has selected seven who will participate in the first edition for each of the six artistic categories. Antique Future Festival.

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From artist’s balconies to billboards; From photographic exhibitions to installations inside museum spaces; From video projections and broadcasts of sound works: the city of Bari as the Babylon of art and folklore, where various artistic forms interact with each other to create a unique passage between legends, rituals and magic. A cognitive and perceptive journey of stories from the past but still alive in the present, that need to be brought to light.

One week before the official start of the Festival, Friday 4 June at sunset Le Macerie di Molfetta (via Dei Lavoretori, 7 p.m.) there will be a real baptism of fire with visual artist and artist Allegra Corbo who will give life to sculptures of fire Along for an opening ceremony. Thereafter, from 4 to 10 June, the Futuro Arcaico Fest will be available in its “preview” mode, with the possibility for the public to participate in a site-specific intervention, in the streets of the ancient village of Bari, by street artist internationally. At the famous Gomez and setting up outdoor exhibitions. After this, from June 11 to July 11, indoor art exhibitions will be officially open to the public. At the New Era Museum and the Civic Museum in Bari, and on the streets and in places of historical and cultural interest in the city. And then, the program of the Festival also consists of screen printing workshops for children and in turn an outdoor cinema program with the projection of works selected for the “Video” category inside the Expomoderno Arena.

Futuro Arcaico Fest will have indoor and outdoor exhibitions Inaugurated on Friday 11 June, with a performance by Scottish composer Martin Mays, In the area opposite Bari’s Civic Museum. The closing of the exhibitions will instead be greeted on 20 July by the Lucanian artist Kalura Meridionalismo, who will perform a performance on the history of the card at the same venue.

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The detailed schedule of the festival will be available in the next few days.

Futuro Arcaico Fest is a multidisciplinary event that was born as a natural extension of Futuro Archaico – Digital Artistic Observatory: a project of electric folklore studio Creativeo (Marco Malasomma and Maria Gimena Vicenta Ghirlandi). This program is sponsored by the Municipality of Bari and financed with the Extraordinary Plan 2020 in the field of Culture and Recreation of the Department of Tourism, Economics of Culture and Validity of the Region – Economics of Culture Section – Puglia Region.

The technical jury that selects the works is composed of six experts and professionals from their respective artistic fields: Edoardo Winspear, director and screenwriter, Pamela Diamante, artist, Maria Teresa Salvati, curator and Slidelak editorial, DEM, multidisciplinary artist, My Founder of Mai Mai, sound artist, Gomez, street artist.


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